sms vcs calendar events to and from calendar

Posted on 2011-02-25 11:47 UTC by arden bohanec. Status: Waiting, Categories: Office, User Experience, Programming.

please I just purchased an N900 to replace my n97's (I have 3) and love linux. However my programming skills are poor at best. I would like to duplicate the sms / text  calendar entrys to my symbian based phones in my business. Please. I can offer a small amount of money to make this happen please. I wish there were true compatibility between the N97 to the N900 (just an observation sorry)


Thank you all for your awesome work on so many other things!  So far I love it much more than any android I have purchased / used!  Why did nokia remove the purchase links for the N900??? Does that mean a new maemo device is coming very soon? Any idea if it will perform this sms text vcal / ical feature?


Thanks so much.


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