Simple IR Reciver for N900 to add new devices to Irreco

Posted on 2010-01-14 07:57 UTC by Patrick Moslley. Status: Waiting, Categories: Media.

I had an idea to create a desktop widget that can send the IR commands needed to a Nikon DSLR so that you can use the remote shutter.  That one came true and its very neat.

I since then started to mess with Irreco and QTIrreco and wanted to see what using the N900 as a universal remote is like.

Problem: None of the 3 TV's in my house are in the remote database and there are no similar devices so I cant add the remote commands.

Solution: Add them manually to the N900 and then if you wish upload them to the database for others to use.

Problem: The N900 only has a IR transmitter, not a receiver, but it dawned on me, many of us already have an IR receiver device and we already know how to connect it to the N900!

Follow along with me, the Nintendo Wiimote, the front of that remote has an IR camera and can read sources of IR light, so I am pretty sure it can also read the signals sent out from a remote device.  If that is the case we just need to create some kind of program to interpret the signals and then be able to save them to a file/database so that we can use a "learning mode" with the N900 to teach it the commands of any remote you have.

The wiimote already pairs with the N900 via Wiicontrol, so while we may have a long ways to go at least this is the idea and concept.  Anybody think its possible?

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