Seamless Audio Streaming in network

Posted on 2009-12-08 08:47 UTC by Alexandru DAMIAN. Status: Waiting

Short outline of my problem: I have 3 computers (mobile device, desktop computer running Linux, laptop running Win7) which I use at the same time, all connected through WiFi. I also have a single pair of headphones. When I want sounds from one computer, I have to physically move the headphones plug to that computer. I'm using sounds from all 3 computers at once, so this is a pain.

Proposal: Stream all audio through network just to one device, prefferably the Linux running mobile device, possibly through Pulse Audio. When coming in wifi range, the mobile device should announce in the network the presence of an audio server (mDNS, uPnP service discovery?) and the machines already present in the network should move the audio streaming to the new audio server.When leaving network range, the audio stops. The audio server can mix audio signals based on predefined preferences, such as muting music channels when a phone call (audio, video, VoIP) is starting.

Advantages: A user can leave his/her desk carrying the mobile device and still receive audio updates from desktop computers (as such as when finishing a long task). Furthermore, this would drive developing of advanced audio interfaces for human-computer interaction.

Requirements: Protocol for audio service discovery and connectivity. Pulse Audio client and server for mobile devices; Pulse Audio client and server for Windows 7 and Mac OSX. Wizards for pairing and connecting audio clients and servers in a network.

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