Posted on 2018-04-04 22:11 UTC by Pekka Leivo. Status: Waiting

Have tried to get the RSS reader to work. Read about the problems with ssl2 and ssl3. I managed to get the headers and short inserts of a feed but clicking the header tried to read rss which is https and failed. But the actual articel is on a http site and can be opened. When I clicked to open rss articel I stopped the download, omitted the s from https and was redirected to the articel on http site. I'm not sure how common this is, but it could be quite common so adding an option to read actual http articel on web instead of https rss would make possible to use the rss header list as a route to articels. Another idea is that if this rss problem is not gonna be solved near future, one possibility would be to make a fake rss app that would fetch news headers lists from a webpage and then open the http artikels on web but with plain text form. then it would load pages faster and make reading articels faster.

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