Plugin to play embeded videos in another application

Posted on 2010-01-10 12:26 UTC by Pelau Vadim. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Internet & Networking.


A plugin for either MicroB or Mozilla that would allow users to play embedded video content in the default video player, MPlayer or apps like ZouTube.



Lifting the burden laid on the CPU by pages that contain embedded videoclips without disabling the Adobe Flash plugin.



A streamlined online video experience.


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Solution #1: Already implemented?

Posted on 2010-01-14 12:05 UTC by Pelau Vadim.

  1. Videos like divx/xvid are opened by default with the media player so adding other formats should be as easy as editing an .xml but via a nice GUI either in the control panel or in the options of a new plugin.
  2. Instead of automatically starting an embedded video, the user should be given the option to play it in-browser as well - useful for youtube videos that show various captions.

Solution #2: Manualy obtaining video streams for (k)mplayer

Posted on 2010-02-02 13:55 UTC by Pelau Vadim.


  • Mplayer (no, not your internal media player, but MPLAYER!)
  • the nice much more than a GUI kmplayer - make sure to select mplayer as the default player within kmplayer
  • A bookmark to ( might also work) (if you know sites that do not require the html source please post them below)
  • A video that is unwatchable in your browser: encoded with no regard for common sense OR embedded with tons of ads OR embedded with a crappy player (eg.

Watching any video out there in 2.5 easy steps:

  • In kmplayer, go to "Download Page", "Add Plain Download", paste the link to the desired video (eg. and save the result as "file.txt" in a handy location.
  • Go to clipnabber, paste the link ( For some sites it works out of the box for others it will ask for the page "code". In that case open "file.txt" CTL-A to select all, CTL-C to copy and CTL-V to paste it in the clipnabber "source code" window.
  • Long press the "Download FLV" button to either save the whole video via "Save link as" or "Add bookmark" to simply copy the link (discard te bookmark). Paste the link in kmplayer and enjoy silky-smooth playback!


Solution #3: Greasemonkey and various scripts

Posted on 2010-02-02 14:05 UTC by Pelau Vadim.



  • Greasemonkey installed in microb (note that due a bug in greasemonkey you won't be able to scroll/edit long lists in the config menu eg. BetterTube)
  • Various scripts from:, the links here will redirect you there.
  • Most scripts will offer to download the video. Just save it and open it with (k)mplayer, you don't have to wait for the download to finish.


Working scripts:

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