Phone/Contacts/Conversations application inconsistencies on N900

Posted on 2009-12-18 22:27 UTC by Athanasios Angidis. Status: Under consideration, Categories: User Experience.

Hi, I am a new user of the Maemo platform, thanks to the Nokia N900, so please please excuse me if anything seems out of order, but feel free to correct me. smile.gif

Being a professional working in the business world, the following are features that I found sorely missing from my brand new investment:


1- In the Phone application missed calls are replaced entirely once a call is made following the original missed call entry. This manner of logging is unhelpful when going through the entries because it does not adhere to a complete chronological order of calling events.

For example. Maria made a missed call in the afternoon when John was sleeping. John woke up and called Maria back but there's no way that John can now know what time Maria called in the afternoon. This is especially cumbersome for professionals who really need to have analytical information about calls, including missed calls.

2- The N900's Contacts application will not display entry details regarding calls.
It only offers a shortcut to the contact along with a status icon, indicating missed, received or called numbers/contacts. This negates the entire benefit of having multiple numbers in one contact entry, because it's impossible to ascertain the number that you or your contact used to call you. This leads to creating multiple entries for the same contact in order to avoid confusion.

For example, it would be nice to know whether mom called from home or from the office. Listing "Mom" alone isn't helpful.

3- The N900's Contacts application when accessed through the Phone application only allows the creation of SMS to un-saved phone numbers. This is in contrast to using the Contacts application directly from the menu,which allows sending SMS to any contact found in the Contacts database.

This effectively means that one is unable to send an SMS to existing contacts while handling the phone in a single-handed manner following a phone call, yet if the number is unsaved an SMS option is present amongst others. I don't see the reason for this inconsistency.

For example, I want to send an SMS to someone who just called me, instead of first having to exit the Phone application and then
trying to find the very same contact in the Contacts database.

4- This leads to the following: The lack of ability to type an SMS text message (or any message) in portrait mode by using the same numerical keypad that the Phone application uses. I might be holding a briefcase and going to a meeting that I'm late to, so having one-handed SMS operation would be a large benefit in single-handed situations. As it stands now, I am unable to send text messages while multi-tasking. This also costs time.


1 - include an option for an "Analytical View" for all calls in full chronological order;

2 - include a sub-option for "Entry Details" for each listed contact, so that the number that was used can be seen AND used if needed for either SMS or Call.

3 - fix this inconsistency by allowing SMS text messages and other forms of communication to be available when accessing a number from the Call List or Contacts application (when accessed through the Phone application). A unified approach between Contacts and Phone is very much needed for seemless transitions without existing to the menu and losing valuable time.

4 - Please include a Portrait mode for Conversations with the ability to type using the numeric keypad, just like on "ordinary" cell phones.

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Solution #1: 5- Contacts with more than one number in conversations

Posted on 2010-01-12 12:10 UTC by Pelau Vadim.

A contact that has more than one number in conversations will create two different threads.


All messaging occurring with the same contact should be logged in the same conversations thread.

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