New message GUI Concept

Posted on 2009-11-05 16:32 UTC by Thomas Davis. Status: Under consideration, Categories: User Experience.

I have for a very long time wished for a GUI where an image of the contact that sent you the message popped up. Well now Motorolas new MotorBlur has that feature.

Any chance anyone will make something like that for the N900 and forfill my wish?
Here is a quick mock-up render I made.


Image is taken from the contact info and the message text is displayed bellow.

I can see how making this as an widget will present problems, But if it's an app that always run in the background and then pounce into action when a Message is received we should be able to have something like the concept.

It would have to have it's own full screen application, perhaps masquerading as a desktop screen by copying the same background on the fly.*

I am no programmer, So I'm clueless. But any theory's are welcome



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Solution #1: Widget

Posted on 2010-01-24 22:47 UTC by Ndi Ndi.

Build a widget that is preset to half-screen or full screen (it takes a whole screen), and transparent/translucent. The widget could draw needed contacts from a template, where the image and text changes (template being 150% height of a contact image and 100% width, e.g.).


Being a widget, it could be under other widgets, so space isn't completely lost. Widgets smaller than a contact could work, like a battery widget or a status widget that is small enough to be in a corner.


The widget could have 2 modes. the random Nokia-ad mode, where it randomly places windows around (making sure they don't overlap/much), and moving the others around as it adds new ones. Once the number exceeds -say- 3 or 4 (or when randomly placing fails to produce a result), it moves to "ordered" mode in which it stacks them from top left to bottom right


The widget could use an icon instead of the SMS preview, indicating missed calls, IM or other events. Or it could impement a color code for the border.

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