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Need a Proper Dictionary App !

Posted on 2010-09-27 12:34 UTC by R Abraham. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Education & Science.

My Dear Fellow User’s from the MAEMO Community,

Though the entire world is screaming on top of the roof that it is almost end of MAEMO as it has reached the end of its development lifecycle and the parent company having decided to abandon it and pursue a new OS (Meego) I still believe that it still has a long way to go and especially when it is backed by such a responsible and powerful community which almost everytime has risen to the occasion and has never let the MAEMO user down.

My Fellow MAEMO community comrades, I appeal for your help. I have taken a lot of effort to get this picture and post it here for you guys to work on, so I am sure you guys will not disappoint me and someone of you will surely come ahead and take up the initiative and challenge to fulfill this small request. 

I need to request for an APP. Now this is an APP powered from the website please also log on to this website to see how it works, that will give you an idea of the stuff I am talking about and requesting about. Now I know there are some substitutes available for such an APP in the MAEMO repository like the Mdictionary etc…but they still don’t match up to the utility that this particular App offers. So this is one of its kind of App and cannot be replaced by anything else. You guys may think that since I have seen this App on some other phone using some other OS I am asking it to be developed on MAEMO aswell. But no, that is not the reason. It is such a wonderful and a very useful App that it can really help and act very handy especially to people from the Non-English speaking countries and could be a great teacher aswell. Please refer the attachments that I have attached with this, which includes some screenshots and its description. I feel it is a wonderful App and a great idea on part of whoever thought of making it as a quick mobile App. 

I am sure and desperately hoping that someone of you would surely…take this up and take it to closure and make this App even for the MAEMO-5 community.

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Solution #1: Dictionary APP from

Posted on 2010-09-27 12:34 UTC by R Abraham.

Though we have substitutes like Mdictionary in MAEMO, nothing matches to this. I think we should have this in MAEMO.

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