Maemo Merchandise Store

Posted on 2009-10-26 06:48 UTC by Kasi Viswanath. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Marketing, Other.

Considering that Maemo already has got some traction with people all around the world, it might be a good idea to promote it further by selling Maemo Merchandise. This would also satisfy Maemo's fans/well-wishers in getting those t-shirt which they only currently dream of :)

The Maemo Merchandise Store (MMS) can start with the regular common stuff like T-shirts, tea/coffee mugs, water bottles, usb drives, caps, stickers, etc.

This can be done either by Nokia or by someone interested (or experienced in this stuff) from the community. Either may choose to do this for a reasonable profit too.

Throw in your votes if you think this is well-worth it. Enough votes might actually turn this into reality!

EDIT: Interesting discussion and any possible doubts on licensing issues clarified here: (Thanks @Texrat)

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Solution #1: Community can do this

Posted on 2009-10-26 06:59 UTC by Kasi Viswanath.

If interested people in our community can team up, this can be made possible.


Solution #2: Nokia can do this

Posted on 2009-10-26 07:05 UTC by Kasi Viswanath.

Advantage with Nokia doing this is low costs. They can even get designs for the items from the community driving the costs even further down.


Solution #3: Real plan to get the shirts done

Posted on 2009-10-26 07:42 UTC by Timo P.

This is broadened from solution #1 & #2


Nokia doesn't have t-shirt printing business. Community doesn't have devices for it (atleast I think).


A company that has business and machines to do Maemo-shirts as cost effective as possible.


Shirts ordered with large quantities should be a lot cheaper. And if as much work as possible is done by community, costs will be really as little as possible.


- Make layout&logo ready to be sent for printing

- Make preliminary deal with t-shirt printing company

- See if Nokia wants to buy a stock of shirts

- Collect community buyers via fundable ( for example

- Make final deal and order goods

(- If deal is much cheaper as preliminary, then buy shirts to community with excess funds, could be used as reward for example...)

- Receive goods

- Be happy


Solution #4: Outsourcing or partnering

Posted on 2009-10-26 08:37 UTC by Asko Tontti.

One way to organize this could be outsourcing or partnership with known webshop like

  • Merchandise Mania Ltd,
  • CafePress,
  • Inc,

This works with solutions #1 and #2.


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