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Posted on 2010-01-22 13:56 UTC by Andrew Black. Status: Waiting, Categories: Marketing,

I would like propose that we start a community outreach team that helps members of our community in getting to Linux shows and Electronics Shows to help spread the word about Maemo and the Nokia Phone/Internet Tablets.  Members who wish to be sponsored to go on outreach trips would have to request to be part of the outreach team and be evaluated by either community council, or maybe paid members of team.  Once accepted to the outreach team members would then have to request sponsorship in some kind of a formal form 60 days prior to the event they wish to be sponsored to attend.  The community council or who ever is put in charge of this would then decided if this event should be sponsored and how much to give in helping the team member getting there.  Amount of sponsorship could depend on distance from show, length of show, what member would be doing at show(ie some shows require payment to have a table in their expo room).

If approved things like things like table fee would be paid straight to the show so team member never handles that money.  Money for team member to go to show would be either paid up front or could be in reimbursement after the show.  Large expenses like hotel rooms should require of registration for room, or receipt.  Food/Gas could be paid in a set amount like $40 per day for food and so much per gas depending on distance.  We could create kits of things like flyers and posters/banners for tables at event.  Those would be created by who ever is put in charge of outreach team and would be mailed to team members before going to first event.  They would keep kit after event and request more disposable supplies like flyers before new events.

Members should be required to be active and attend at least one event per calendar year.  Those not going to events should be removed from team to make room for more people.  Some requirements for team should include, owning at least one Nokia device that runs Maemo.  This device should be run either Current OS or one generation back(no need in going out and showing off OS2005 at linux show).  They should be an active member in community on either forums, IRC, or Mailing Lists.  Team members must be able to talk to strangers about the maemo, explain what it is and if possible be able to do BoF or Session at the show they go to.

Now everyone might be thinking that this is a great idea but where would money come from.  I am also requesting that Nokia would create a budget and give the money to to cover this.  Since we would be advertising not only the community but the Nokia devices as well.

I look forward on hearing everyones idea on this and I hope this helps to grow the communty.

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