IPod Touch Like Music Player

Posted on 2009-10-06 22:56 UTC by Will I Am. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.

I was checking out the potential copetition to the N900 and i came across this video

On minute 2:39 he entered a music application which is literally the same as the music app on the on the iPod Touch.

How about creating a music application that functions the same as the one on the Ipod Touch but with additional extras such as internet radio and the ability to unitilise the blootooth API and send created music to friends via bluetooth.

This i believe will take the N900 and subsequent Maemo devices to the next level and go some way to utilising the 32GB memory. It could potentially be a deal breaker too. Nokia does not have get involved, it could be done by the community and gain traction through the community and word of mouth.

Let be honest the Ipod Touch and iPhone Music application is the best in any smartphone and the only reason why i still carry around my iPhone 3G along with my Nokia E90.



This is my first ever post so any feedback whether negetive or positive is welcomed, as long as its constructive.

Just started learning the Programming lunguage for Maemo and i really wnat to get involved. I am already a software developer for a major european airline, I have a passion for programming and smartphones so i decided to get involved.

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Solution #1: Go to the garage

Posted on 2009-12-18 12:19 UTC by Nicolau Werneck.


I propose the author and any other person interested in this program go for it and start a project, like most NIT application has been started before brainstorm existed! Why should a larger part of the community be concerned?

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