Application manager - Improving user experience

Posted on 2010-01-11 18:28 UTC by Pelau Vadim. Status: Under consideration, Categories: System.

Solutions for enhancing the application manager user experience


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Solutions for this brainstorm


Solution #1: Adding "downlod basket" option when clicking an application

Posted on 2010-01-11 20:53 UTC by Pelau Vadim.

Together with "Details" and "continue" when clicking on an application, we should also have a "queue" button.

Once pressed, app manager should return to the list being browsed.

After queuing one or more apps a new section should be available from the top-down menu, next to "restore apps" called "downlod basket".

The download basket should list the queued applications with the brief description beneath each one; There has to be a "tickced box" in front of each app so that the user can unselect it if he wishes - the line with the app marked in blue(theme dependent, orange etc) could be used but could cause users to unwillingly unselect when scrolling. On the other end of the line there should be the "details" button to make reviewing easy.


  • A queue button should be added to each app after it's clicked
  • New category in the top-down menu to bring the queued list up
  • Unselect/select option + details button for the queued list ("download basket")
  • The same process should be available for uninstalling as well


Summary: after testing the "Restore applications" features I concluded it's pretty much what I described above, so the implementation of "Download basket" should be similar but the "license agreement" stating that the applications re not provided by Nokia should only be displayed once.


This is also reported this as an enhancement in bugzilla so future firmwares may contain this feature by default:


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Solution #2: Download and installation queues

Posted on 2010-01-13 18:38 UTC by Marcus Wikström.

This solution might actually be the same as the first one with a little more detail, so I'll put it here anyway.

Since the actual installation process is cpu consuming and the download process can be time consuming I suggest a solution where you'd have a download queue and a separate (not necessarely visible) installation queue.

It would work like this. When you select an application for installation, that application would immidiately start downloading, and a button to "install all" would appear. That way you can continue to add applications to the queue while at the same time download the already selected stuff. After you're done you can click the install all button and let the installer hog the cpu for a while. If not all applications have been downloaded when install all is clicked, it can start installing the completed ones while downloading the rest.

I think this would really streamline the installation process, and minimize the wasted time.

The uninstall process would work in a similar way, but obviously would not start before the "uninstall selected" or whatever you'd label it.

EDIT: Added uninstall notes


Solution #3: Show and Check repos

Posted on 2010-01-14 15:45 UTC by Rüdiger Schiller.

The app-list-browser should show the repos shortname additional to app-name and app-description.

Before parsing to apt HAM should check if dependencies are installed from different repo and if user should be asked for it. A list of available versions for the dep with current repo to install from shown but choosable which version to install.


Solution #4: "Application Installed" notification

Posted on 2010-01-14 16:22 UTC by Chris Phillips.

After an application has been updated or installed the yellow notification bar displays, letting you know the application installation is complete. You need to click on the screen to dismiss this, the application then either refreshes the installed apps or the application list, this inevitably takes a while (meaning you have to wait for a refresh - which is quite annoying).

Why is this refresh dependent on the dismissal of the notification? I propose the application refresh behind the notification bar - speeding up use of the application manager.


Solution #5: New sorting schemas

Posted on 2010-01-14 16:40 UTC by Sergey Vlasov.

New sorting schemas in addition to Name and Size:

  • Just Added - totally new apps, sorted by upload date
  • Updated - updated existing apps, sorted by update date
  • Highly Rated - sorted by average vote in
  • Most Downloaded - sorted by number of downloads

Solution #6: Extend 'basket' solution to updates too.

Posted on 2010-01-15 17:30 UTC by Chris Phillips.

I also thought perhaps this 'basket' idea could be slightly modified and extended to the 'update' section. A tickbox could be added next to each application, allowing multiple selection of application updates and an 'update all selected' box. This would work with the same basket/queuing solution (a la Android).


Solution #7: Option to update repository data manually

Posted on 2010-01-15 18:01 UTC by Andrey Kudinov.

Currently application manager spends some time refreshing repository info on slow connections every time it starts or when user press update option. In CLI you run "apt-get update" once and then other actions take much less time of you close application and open again or just want to update.

  • Make automatic update an option.
  • Make an app menu button - "update now" in case manual mode is set
  • Ask user to update when application starts.

Solution #8: shortcut keys

Posted on 2010-01-17 00:50 UTC by Kasper Souren.

Up and down keys should go... up and down.

Typing a word should go to that position in the list. E.g. typing V will scroll down the applications that start with V.


Solution #9: Standardize Descriptions and Catagories

Posted on 2010-01-18 22:36 UTC by Andy Pham.

Issue: Some app descriptions are incomplete, or uninformative.

Have a standard list of what to include in the long description

For example:

Address all of the below if possible:

  • What the app does (repeat short description)
  • -Start Long Description
  • What the purpose of the app is
  • -If a Game, state genre, -If tool (e.g. anglemeter) state use, etc.
  • What it is ported from or based off of (if needed)
  • Other useful information.

Useful for people who are unfamiliar with the said app.