Headset button input reader

Posted on 2010-01-01 16:49 UTC by Pelau Vadim. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.


As you may or may not know the default headset coming with N900 doesn't support play/pause, next/forward, and volume up/dn and neither does N900 support other nokia headsets.


The idea is very simple:

A control panel applet that recognizes the input from the buttons of your wired headset and translates them into actions.


Discuss it here:

Thank you for your interest and looking forward to reading your suggestions!

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Solution #1: Make the headset button manipulate tracks

Posted on 2010-01-11 20:58 UTC by Pelau Vadim.

A solution has already been described here:

But building an applet seems quite a few steps ahead of the current solution.



Here are my thoughts about this control panel applet:

-easily configurable from the control panel
-sense the input from any/most headsets out there
-support input gestures such as double tap and long press
-translate it into actions (maybe via the AVRCP switches as well to have some kind of global access to every music player that supports AVRCP so that the developer doesn't have to modify the app each time a new player is released)


How can this improve your experience with the default N900 headset?

- single click: play/pause (answer/end if the phone is being used)
- double click: next track
- long press: voice dialing (when it will be available)

Of course these control "gestures" can be customized to fit your personal needs.



Thanks for voting!


Solution #2: Addendum to #1

Posted on 2010-01-21 08:25 UTC by Alexios Chouchoulas.

Also process triple ‘clicks’ (presses) of the button. My Panasonic portable cassette player did this in the Nineties, and it was very usable.

Triple click: beginning of track, and if triple click happens within the first two or three seconds of a track, previous track. (this simulates the behaviour of many CD players out there)

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