Hardware-Keys should control Media-Player, even when locked

Posted on 2009-06-17 09:55 UTC by Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni. Status: In development, milestone: Harmattan, Categories: Media, Devices.

I want to use the Internet-Tablets as a media-player (like iPod). But it's difficult to change a song or the volume, when it's locked in my pocket. The hardware-keys like (+),(-) and (toggle fullscren) could be used to control media-player, even though touchscreen and keyboard is locked.

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Solution #2: Control media application using multibutton handsfee devices by Nokia

Posted on 2009-09-24 04:55 UTC by Serge Broslavsky.

I'm not sure if N900 supports multibutton wired/wireless handsfree devices. If it does - for me it would be more logical to control media application using handsfree device's buttons rather then N900 ones. Plus to that, hardware buttons on N900 can be pressed unintentionally in your pocket (or at least in mine) - not a nice feature.

The only question left is - are multibutton handsfree devices supported on N900. Most likely they will be supported on next devices (IMHO it would be logical to support all handsfree devices currently produced), but I have no information on that.

Update (after Maemo Summit 2009): Being one of the happy N900 holders after the Maemo Summit 2009 in Amsterdam I can tell, that N900 supports only simple wired handsfree headset with a single button such as WH-205 (comes in the box) and my hope to get something like HS-45/AD-54 supported as well is dead now. Nevertheless, as far as I know, Bluetooth handsfree devices with media playback control buttons should be supported (have no such devices, can't confirm that).

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Solution #1: A Framework by Nokia

Posted on 2009-06-17 15:21 UTC by Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni.

Nokia sets up a framework for the signals of the keys. Applications could implement this and execute useful actions. Maybe DBus could be helpful for this approach.

The details could be discusses, but here is my idea:

push -/+ : decrease/increase volume

hold -/+ : previous/next song

toggle: play/pause (this is critical, because it could confuse users)

The hardwre only react like this, when the device is locked or in "desktop/home view" (Is something like this still in freemantle)/no programm is running and mediaplayer is running...


Solution #3: use shaking and gestures

Posted on 2009-10-11 09:20 UTC by Josef Assad.

The following might be an option.

All of this assumes the device is in a pocket, parallel to the body and perpendicular to the ground (edge case where the user wishes to manipulate media player while horizontal - either accidentaly or intentionally - out of scope).

Next track: shake, stroke finger from top to bottom of screen (the longer axis)

Prev. track: shake, stroke finger from bottom to top (the longer axis)

Toggle Pause/Play: shake, double tap anywhere.

I don't know how the currently available hardware treats the situation where the device is locked and the hardware volume buttons are pressed. If it's anything like other Nokia devices, the volume buttons will have no effect. If that is the case here, then this might cover manipulating volume while device is locked:

Shake, resulting in device remaining locked but waiting 3 seconds to see if the volume buttons are pressed. If they are, keep accepting presses on the volume buttons until 3 seconds have gone by without tem being pressed.

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