Hardware: Battery Improvements

Posted on 2009-10-13 01:10 UTC by Mario Rojas. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Devices.

In the N8x0 series of tablets, the hardware receives its power from the battery, which in turn gets its power from the wall socket charger. Apparently, this design has not changed in the new N900 tablet. That makes the battery being used a lot, and also to force a shutdown of the device in order to replace the battery (no battery hot-swapping).

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Solution #1: Primary Power use from socket charger first

Posted on 2009-10-13 01:11 UTC by Mario Rojas.

There is room for improvement, in the sense that the device could be re-designed, in order to get its power primarily from the wall socket charger (when present), and then from the battery. This is a design present in some laptop models, and would allow to not depend so much on the battery, thus preserving battery life and allowing the hot-swapping of the battery (an internal capacitor might help with the hot swapping too).

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