Enhance caller identification and call log

Posted on 2010-04-28 15:00 UTC by Christopher Milan. Status: Waiting, Categories: User Experience.

I would like to suggest some changes to both the caller identification screen when receiving an incoming call and also to the call log.


The change in the incoming call identification screen is the addition of the number of the incoming call. The reason for this is because I find it useful to know if someone is calling me from a landline say their home or from their mobile phone. If I cannot take the call at that moment then I would know on what number I can call them back straight away.


The change in the call log which I would like is the addition of the number to the name and date of calls. In this manner I do not have to click on the call to determine which number it came from or went to. Say I call someone at home and then on their mobile. If I want to call them at home again i either have to remember that this was the first call or click on one of the calls and then have 50% chance that it shows me the number I want. If the phone number is shown the same font size as the date and time then it would not take up much additional space and would save having to click on calls.





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