Design competition for apps.

Posted on 2009-12-14 07:08 UTC by Fredrik Ökvist. Status: Waiting, Categories: User Experience.

Right, my first brainstorm so bear with me please.


As there have been some complaints/discussions about the quality of the design in the apps that are released, this brainstorm has been requested in response to an idea I floated on one of the threads ( It boils down to two things:


1. Coders are mainly worried about their code being perfect, quite naturally, with the design usually coming second.

2. We have some talented designers on the site who feel that their skills aren't being utilized properly.


So the idea is to create a design competition for one, or more, apps to raise awareness and give the designers some spotlight, as well as making coders aware that there is help to be had. Sort of like what nokia did in their "hack the N900" campaign.


Question is, how do we make this a reality, and are there better solutions?

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