Brainstorm should be a karma source

Posted on 2009-09-14 23:44 UTC by Attila Csipa. Status: Under consideration, Categories:

Brainstorm, as a gathering place for ideas and solutions, could be an excellent source for community karma. List your scoring proposals below. How much would you give for an idea ? And for a solution ? Thumbs up ? Thumbs down ?

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Solution #1: As favorites

Posted on 2009-09-14 23:55 UTC by Attila Csipa.

Use a similar scheme as favorites: every thumbs vote gives 0.25 karma to voter. Solutions proposer gets 1+(number of thumbs up) karma.


Solution #2: Expanding on Attila's proposal

Posted on 2009-09-20 17:07 UTC by Sanjeev Visvanatha.

In Brainstorm, you have the ability to shape the way Maemo, and evolve over time.  Let's take this a little further.  If someone's problem and solution evolves from the sandbox-->Under Consideration-->In Development-->Implemented, then the amount of karma that they get for that idea should increase.

Karma would have to take into account the following:


1. proposing a problem (+1)

2. proposing a solution (+1)

3. Thumbs up (+0.25)

4. Thumbs down (no change, as per Planet's methodology)

5. progression of problem/solution from sandbox-->Under Consideration-->In Development-->Implemented.  (say one extra point from moving from sandbox to under consideration, and then a few more points for the next progressions.

6. Comments on someone's problem. (+1)

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