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Posted on 2010-01-31 15:05 UTC by tim c. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Office, Utilities, User Experience.



features could be:

- record to a mp3 audio file / *.aac  // kept directly on the device
- manage black/white list
- keep a quick overview journal
- direct on entry-press call back feature



- Advanced Call Manager
- PhonePilot
- or just good old "answering machine"


Solutions for this brainstorm


Solution #1: enhance call recorder

Posted on 2010-02-02 15:03 UTC by Rüdiger Schiller.

a previous brainstorm gave birth to a call recorder utility, why not enhance it with AM functionality, add an AM checkbox to contacts to activate it for them (global settings to record all should be available) and enhance call journal to callback, list, manage and playback recordings. deleting a record transforms journal entry into missed call entry. settings for the recorder would be "time to wait", "time to record", "record welcome mesg", "lines to record", "record all" and "activate/disable".


Solution #2: Settings option to enable call recording (merge 'recaller') and answering machine

Posted on 2010-02-13 00:42 UTC by Andy Pham.

Merge 'recaller' with the original phone app, with a button to record the current call. As of now, an unanswered call would be forwarded to a voicemail number. We could add the answering machine toggle there. For example, when pressing 'Ignore' on an incoming call, a dialog would ask "Send to Answering Machine?" with options 'Yes', 'Yes and listen' (listen to the message being recorded, and if you decide to pick up, press 'Answer') and 'No'. Settings > Phone > Under heading 'Call' > When clicked, existing button 'Call forwarding' yields 'Forward To' (already existing), 'Answering Machine', and 'No Forwarding' (rename existing selection). The answering machine would be accessed through the Phone app's application menu Phone App > Application Menu (bar at the top) > When clicked, button 'Answering Machine' would bring you to a different page > List of recorded messages (Right-Click to delete, store, etc.) ***Right-click = Long press***

Solution #3: Somehow Asterisk rings

Posted on 2010-03-23 09:45 UTC by Alain Goldberg.

I think that I would like most Asterisk features, where any integrated voice trunk (GSM/Skype/Etc..) would be an asterisk trunk, and the "dialpad+mic+speaker" the phone set. I just wonder how/if the n900 contacts and "direct on entry-press call back feature" can be merged.

This would provide in addition to the other solutions:

1)Forward calls to via wifi to some vo/ip phones.

2)Forward faxes to the local vo/ip FAX (home or office)

3) Powerfull call filtering

Those unaware of asterisk will find info here

I understand that there is already an asterisk version that works somehow on the n900.

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