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AT&T 3G (WCDMA 850/1900 MHz) frequency support

Posted on 2010-01-22 17:17 UTC by Khameinei Ali. Status: Under consideration, Categories: User Experience.

Dear Brainstormers,

I was referred to this forum by bugs and Nokia themselves (for whatever that's worth). Anyway, I understand the hardware is finalized and it would be difficult to change but I am trying to get some sort of project going for the WCDMA 850/1900 MHz range support for 3G on US AT&T and the majority of South American, some Canadian, and some Australian 3G users. I believe this would greatly increase the sales of N900's and certainly make the experience for many users much better. I understand it supports the EDGE 850/1900 MHz range but how difficult would it be to make this WCDMA? Is it a huge hardware issue or can it be done through a software/firmware change? The provided PDF pictures should show the GSM chip somewhere, I'm not sure what it looks like.

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Solution #1: Hardware/ Software Change

Posted on 2010-01-22 17:17 UTC by Khameinei Ali.

1.) If it is a hardware issue, is it possible that we can change the module/ chip?

2.) If it is a software/firmware issue it should be fairly easy to just edit that end to support the frequencies, correct?


Solution #2: New Model / Radio option

Posted on 2010-04-20 18:47 UTC by Bobby Willhite.

Add a WCDMA 850/1900 Model. A simple radio type option would work.

Also A trade in or radio change program for current N900 Owners.

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