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disabling cellular leaving internet

Posted on 2010-06-18 11:24 UTC by Z P. Status: Under consideration, Categories: System.

sometimes(especially, once I'm abroad and have to pay high roaming fees) I would like to be able to disable all soft/hardware that is responsible for functioning of the cellular, and in the same time be able to use internet for sip/skype, in order to

1) save battery

2) not to answer accidently an incoming call


Improve Backup Application: Add custom folders/files

Posted on 2010-08-07 15:24 UTC by Christos Saturn. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Utilities, System.

The built in Backup Application in the N900 backups only folder and files registered in the configuration of the osso-backup.

One great improvement would be the addition of options to backup files or folders defined by the user.