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I. Overview
II. Building Clutter
III. Clutter Core Reference
Abstract classes and interfaces
ClutterActor — Base abstract class for all visual stage actors.
ClutterContainer — An interface for implementing container actors
ClutterChildMeta — Wrapper for actors inside a container
ClutterMedia — An interface for controlling playback of media data.
Base actors
ClutterRectangle — An actor that displays a simple rectangle.
ClutterTexture — An actor for displaying and manipulating images.
ClutterCloneTexture — Actor for cloning existing textures in an efficient way.
ClutterLabel — Actor for displaying text
ClutterEntry — A single line text entry actor
Container actors
ClutterGroup — Actor class containing multiple children. actors.
ClutterStage — Top level visual element to which actors are placed.
IV. Clutter Animation Framework
Base classes
ClutterTimeline — A class for time-based events
ClutterScore — Controller for multiple timelines
ClutterAlpha — A class for calculating an alpha value as a function of time.
ClutterBehaviour — Class for providing behaviours to actors
ClutterBehaviourBspline — A behaviour interpolating position along a B-Spline
ClutterBehaviourDepth — A behaviour controlling the Z position
ClutterBehaviourEllipse — A behaviour interpolating position along an ellipse
ClutterBehaviourOpacity — Behaviour controlling the opacity
ClutterBehaviourPath — A behaviour interpolating position along a path
ClutterBehaviourRotate — A behaviour controlling rotation
ClutterBehaviourScale — A behaviour controlling scale
Simple effects API
Clutter Effects — Utility Class for basic visual effects
V. Clutter Tools
General purpose API
Colors — Color management and manipulation.
Events — User and window system events
Fixed Point Support — Fixed Point API
General — Various 'global' clutter functions.
ClutterShader — Programmable pipeline abstraction
Unit conversion — A logical distance unit.
Utilities — Misc utility functions.
Versioning Macros — Versioning utility macros
User interface definition
ClutterScript — Loads a scene from UI definition data
ClutterScriptable — Override the UI definition parsing
Generic list model
ClutterModel — A generic model implementation
ClutterModelIter — Iterates through a model
ClutterListModel — List model implementation
VI. Clutter Backends
ClutterBackend — Backend abstraction
X11 Specific Support — X11 specific API
Win32 Specific Support — Win32 specific API
VII. Additional Documentation
Implementing a new actor
Creating Animations with Clutter
Basic Animations
Creating You Own Behaviours
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 0.2
Index of new symbols in 0.4
Index of new symbols in 0.6
Index of new symbols in 0.8
A. License