Part IV. Clutter Animation Framework

Clutter has a fully extensible animation framework providing support for explicit and implicit animations of single actors as well as groups of actors.

Table of Contents

Base classes
ClutterTimeline — A class for time-based events
ClutterScore — Controller for multiple timelines
ClutterAlpha — A class for calculating an alpha value as a function of time.
ClutterBehaviour — Class for providing behaviours to actors
ClutterBehaviourBspline — A behaviour interpolating position along a B-Spline
ClutterBehaviourDepth — A behaviour controlling the Z position
ClutterBehaviourEllipse — A behaviour interpolating position along an ellipse
ClutterBehaviourOpacity — Behaviour controlling the opacity
ClutterBehaviourPath — A behaviour interpolating position along a path
ClutterBehaviourRotate — A behaviour controlling rotation
ClutterBehaviourScale — A behaviour controlling scale
Simple effects API
Clutter Effects — Utility Class for basic visual effects