Contact Handling
OssoABookAggregator — Aggregated view of multiple EBook instances.
OssoABookContactFilter — Contact filtering interface.
OssoABookContactSubscriptions — Subsciption based OssoABookContactFilter.
OssoABookContact — Rich representation of addressbook contacts.
OssoABookRosterManager — Manage OssoABookRoster instances for each McAccount.
OssoABookRoster — Presence aware addressbook view.
List Widgets
OssoABookAccountModel — A GtkTreeModel listing OssoABookAccount objects.
OssoABookAccountSelector — Widget exposing the contents of an OssoABookAccountModel in a check list.
OssoABookAccountView — Widget exposing the contents of an OssoABookAccountModel in a list.
OssoABookActionStore — A GtkTreeModel listing OssoABookContact related actions.
OssoABookAvatarView — View of contacts with avatars.
OssoABookContactModel — A GtkTreeModel listing OssoABookContact objects.
OssoABookContactSelector — Widget exposing the contents of an OssoABookContactModel in a check list.
OssoABookContactView — Widget exposing the contents of an OssoABookContactModel in a list.
OssoABookFilterModel — Filter certain contacts from a OssoABookListStore.
OssoABookGroupModel — A GtkTreeModel storing contact groups.
OssoABookGroupSelector — Widget exposing the contents of an OssoABookGroupModel in a check list.
OssoABookGroupView — Widget exposing the contents of an OssoABookGroupModel in a list.
OssoABookListStore — A GtkTreeModel associating information with EContact objects.
OssoABookRowModel — An interface for quick GtkTreeModel row access.
OssoABookTreeView — Base class for displaying contacts or accounts in a list.
OssoABookAddToContactsDialog — Add accounts to a contact.
OssoABookAddUsernameDialog — Add a new account to a contact.
OssoABookAvatarChooser — Dialog for choosing avatars.
OssoABookBlockManager — Dialog for managing blocked EContact objects.
OssoABookContactChooser — Dialog for choosing OssoABookContacts.
OssoABookContactEditor — Dialog for editing OssoABookContacts
OssoABookContactGroupEditor — Edit what groups a contact is in
OssoABookContactStarter — Dialog to initiate communication with a contact
osso-abook-dialogs — Collection of dialog helper routines.
OssoABookMecardView — Dialog to show user's VCard.
OssoABookRequestAuthDialog — Request authentication dialog
OssoABookSelectDialog — Dialog for selecting contact or account objects.
OssoABookTouchContactStarter — Core widget to initiate communication with a contact or view their basic information.
OssoABookVoipServiceDialog — Dialog for choosing an IM service.
OssoABookAccountGroup — A smart group listing contacts for communcation handles.
OssoABookAllGroup — A contact group which lists all contacts.
OssoABookAndGroup — A smart group combining criterions of groups.
OssoABookBlockedGroup — Smart group for blocked contacts.
OssoABookBookViewGroupEBookView based contact groups.
OssoABookGroup — Representation of a group.
OssoABookManualGroup — A smart group for manually created contact groups.
OssoABookManualGroupManager — Management of manual contact groups.
OssoABookOnlineGroup — A smart group for currently present contacts.
OssoABookRecentGroup — A smart group for recently used contacts.
OssoABookServiceGroup — A smart group containing contacts related to a specific online service.
OssoABookAccountCombo — A GtkComboBox for communcation handles.
OssoABookAvatarPopup — A popup-menu for pre-installed avatars.
OssoABookGroupCombo — A GtkComboBox for OssoABookGroup selection.
OssoABookSearchEntry — A widget for manipulating contact filters.
OssoABookAccount — Account representation.
OssoABookAccountManager — Management of Mission Control accounts.
OssoABookAvatarImage — Avatar image widget.
OssoABookAvatar — Avatar representation.
OssoABookCaps — Capabilities representation.
OssoABookPresenceIcon — Icon representing the presence state.
OssoABookPresence — Base interface for presence representation.
osso-abook-debug — Debugging and instrumentation facilities.
osso-abook-init — Library initialization functions.
osso-abook-merge — Functionality for merging contacts.