HildonHVolumebar — A widget that displays a horizontal volume bar


GtkWidget*  hildon_hvolumebar_new           (void);


The HildonHVolumebar widget displays a horizontal volume bar that allows increasing or decreasing volume within a pre-defined range, and includes a mute icon which users can click to mute the sound.

Here is an example that creates a horizontal volume bar and connects both its signals:

GtkWidget *volbar = hildon_hvolumebar_new();
g_signal_connect( G_OBJECT(volbar), "mute_toggled", G_CALLBACK(mute_toggle), NULL );
g_signal_connect( G_OBJECT(volbar), "level_changed", G_CALLBACK(level_change), NULL );


hildon_hvolumebar_new ()

GtkWidget*  hildon_hvolumebar_new           (void);

Creates a new HildonHVolumebar widget.

Returns : a new HildonHVolumebar

See Also

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