HildonColorButton - A widget to open HildonColorChooserDialog
HildonColorChooserDialog - A dialog to choose a color.
HildonColorSelector - A widget for selecting a color
hildon-color-popup - A popup dialog for editing a color and showing the edited result
HildonControlbar - A widget that allows increasing or decreasing a value within a pre-defined range
HildonVolumebar - Base class for widgets that display a volume bar
HildonVVolumebar -
HildonHVolumebar - A widget that displays a horizontal volume bar
HildonSeekbar - A widget used to identify a place from a content
HildonCalendarPopup -
HildonWeekdayPicker - A widget for picking days on which a certain event should take place
HildonTimePicker - A dialog popup widget which lets the user set the time
HildonGrid - Being used where ever a number of single tap activatable items need to be presented (e.g. Control Panel applets)
HildonGridItem - Creating grid items used by HildonGrid