GeneralAntillesHowdy, qgi1!20:54
-!- sp3000 [] has joined #maemo-meeting20:54
qgi1I'm going to protect from changes both Sprint2 and Sprint3 to avoid edit collisions20:54
qgi1anybody still needing to put anything there?20:55
qgi1little survey before we start: did you know about this meeting because you found the details first in20:57
qgi1a) wiki20:57
qgi1b) mailing list20:57
qgi1or c) events20:57
lcukd) from irc contact20:57
-!- ferenc [] has joined #maemo-meeting20:57
andre__hej hej20:58
GeneralAntillesProbably a) wiki, but I honestly don't recall.20:59
XTL b) mailing list20:59
qgi1hi there, let's start21:00
qgi126 people! cool21:00
qgi1the pros seem to be here...21:00
qgi1Oskari & Henri? any news?21:00
dnearyqgi1: As I was saying earlier, I have a lunch appointment in 30 mins, it'd be cool if we could discuss my stuff first21:00
qgi1very good, actually I wanted to propose to start by people instead of by tasks21:01
X-Fadeqgi1: Oskari is/was trying to make it.21:01
qgi1we will also follow another principle for brevity21:01
qgi1let's talk about what hasn't been reported already21:02
qgi1e.g. if a task is DONE and has been reported as such21:02
qgi1no need to discuss it more unless someone has something to ask21:02
qgi1so Dave, let's start with your tasks21:02
dnearySo - as I said at the last sprint meeting, this month is conference month for me... I'm in Portland this week, GUADEC 2 weeks ago, LSM in France 3 weeks ago21:03
dnearyBut, that said...21:03
dnearyThe Wiki page of the Day campaign started well, but the Bluetooth networking pages seem to have killed it21:03
qgi1I have been thingking about this and I have a proposal...21:04
dnearyA small number of people actually did most of the edits (GA mostly, and myself)21:04
qgi1let's forget about cleaning the Midgard pages per se21:04
Italodanceqgi1 are u a member of maemo?21:04
qgi1and react on editing pages when someone asks in the lists something that is somehow documentd, or could be documented21:04
dnearySome of them are really bad... the bluetooth networking pages in particular21:04
qgi1hi, sorry, this time we didn make introduction21:04
dnearyOK, I see where you're going21:05
dnearyIncrementally improve things21:05
BlafaselKind of "on demand" fixing?21:05
qgi1Italodance: i'm acting here as kind of coordinator, facilitator, "customer"...21:05
GeneralAntillesHehe, that approach never really worked out on the itT wiki. . . .21:05
-!- NetBlade [] has joined #maemo-meeting21:05
qgi1yes, and not have it as a task-task but as part of the ongoing tasks, like andre__ and guenther have triaging bugs21:06
dnearyIt doesn't tend to work unless you have something like a task force that makes sure it's taken care of21:06
qgi1GeneralAntilles: the ITt wiki didn't have a doc master paid by the hour21:06
dnearyOr at least one person spending a fair amount of time21:06
dnearyWhich would be me :)21:06
qgi1I prefer 4h of Dave working on a hot topic than the same 4h worked on a page that who knows if it's interesting to anybody nowadays21:07
qgi1anyway, my specifi proposal for today is NOT to move the Midgard wiki task to the next sprint21:07
dnearyOK, let's do that... I still like having a wiki page of the day, thought21:07
qgi1we can discuss further in the list21:08
qgi1sure, have it on a hot topic on maemo.developers, and you will get more help more easily21:08
dnearyWho's who is, as far as I'm concerned, blocking on the "label Nokia people in karma list"21:08
qgi1ok, moved to next month21:08
crashanddiehey everyone21:09
sp3000the involvement I'm sure depends on the topic at hand, it doesn't necessarily reflect badly on the approach if it doesn't get a lot of attention for a particular one21:09
Italodancewell i have some talk21:09
sp3000(re wpotd)21:09
qgi1dneary: note that in the report you are still saying " Discussion on implementation details pending" and appears white21:09
qgi1er... guys, let's do something21:10
qgi1we have a process here21:10
Italodanceqgi1 well i i think IT can be successful on the scene of games!21:10
qgi1we will start cleaning sprint2 and deciding sprint321:10
lcukdneary, i agree with sp3000, i liked seeing people cover a topic and clean it up, even though i might not know anything personally i learnt something new every day21:10
qgi1if there is something else to discuss, we will, have all the time later21:10
Italodanceplease take a look to this section too21:10
qgi1dneary: please continue21:10
dnearyOnce that bug is fixed, I will be contacting everyone again to ask them to update their profiles, and in parallel I'll be putting Nokia names to components21:11
X-FadeItalodance: Please only talk about the topic at hand. Try to keep it on-topic.21:11
qgi1fyi what we are doing now is to review the tasks at
qgi1sorry, my fault, I should have explained better at the beginning21:11
ItalodanceX-Fade sure21:11
dnearyNet was list of companies working with maemo21:11
dnearyIt needs logos, some description of the wompanies & the work they've done, and review (there are 2 I'm not sure of, and I may have missed someone)21:12
qgi1see also
dnearyThe 2 I'm not sure of are Movial & CodeThink21:12
qgi1both in21:12
qgi1contact them in case of doubt21:12
dnearyI don't mind removing myself & Nemein, but we do a lot of stuff for maemo, so...21:13, but not Maemo development21:13
qgi1anyway, we can discuss in the wiki page or the list21:13
dnearyLike I said, I don't mind.21:13 - pages are in place, outstanding detail is (was?) removing the / from the menu21:14
qgi1" Just few pages waiting to be moved - links to be added" is then complete?21:14
dnearyI couldn't figure out how to do it in Midgard21:14
dnearyYes, the pages are moved21:14
-!- RST38h [] has joined #maemo-meeting21:15
dnearyI'm going to do another run through and add links were appropriate, though21:15
-!- budmang [] has left #maemo-meeting []21:15
dnearyNext: logo selection process21:15
dnearyI contacted tigert, didn't get any reply (I think he's a good person to have on there)21:16
dnearyI'd like to judge too21:16
qgi1goes to next month, and you really need to hurry up on this21:16
dnearyAnd I'm eager to get a completely unaffiliated person too21:16
dnearyYes - this is a top priority for me21:16
dnearyAnd perhaps a fourth person21:16
dnearyThe problem is, as you pointed out, that all of the graphics unaffiliated people have submitted logos21:17
Jaffadneary: I think you can drop the "previously expressed an opinion" requirement (if it's not been already)21:17
dnearyI hope so :)21:17
qgi1alright, any new task you want to take from the backlog or new/renewed proposals21:18
dnearyBearing in mind that I have 2 weeks before I'm taking a Summer vacation...21:18
qgi1 and below21:18
dnearyUpstream projects21:19
dnearyOrganising Remarkable Community Projects (although I'm unsure what the finality of that task will be)21:19
qgi1dneary: can you recover hours in these 2 weks?21:20
dnearyI'm full time these 2 weeks21:20
qgi1I mean, we have got yet another month of about 40% of the committed tasks not completed by the team21:20
qgi1ok, then they are in21:20
dnearyNothing else on the plate21:20
jotthow about doing a pre-selection of the logos, down to 5 to 10 and then do some community based voting?21:20
qgi1the logo needs to be DECIDED in the next sprint21:21
qgi1otherwise no merchandising for the Maemo Summit21:21
BlafaselYeah, for the dresscode..21:21
dnearyI'd like to start some of the "Improving" and "Content cleanup" tasks, but be clear that they're going to be spread over at least 3 sprints21:21
qgi1dneary: you can push tasks at any time, here we commit on those that can be completed during the sprint21:21
dnearyqgil: Yes - "pick winning logo" can be owned by me21:21
dnearyI'd really like to help out more with the Summit, but I'd be over-committing21:22
qgi1alright, about the bugs please take some time to go yourself through the MEDIUM bugs and if you find one that you want to take to HIGH please do it now21:22
Jaffaqgi1/dneary: who would be best placed to implement the required feature(s) on to allow voting in the council elections?21:23
qgi1in the meantime we can follow with someone else X-Fade aka Niels?21:23
dnearyI still have some GNOME Mobile wrap-up from here & GUADEC to push forward - while it's not paid maemo work, I think it's important enough to spend some time on21:23
X-Fadeqgi1: here ;)21:23
dnearyOK, thanks all! Can I catch the IRC logs somewhere after the meeting?21:23
qgi1Jaffa depends on how you want to vote...21:23
BlafaselI can toss it over if you want21:23
-!- qwerty12_N800 [] has joined #maemo-meeting21:24
qgi1Jaffa please email maemo-community - or is it there a bug/proposal in place?21:24
qgi1dneary: thanks!21:24
GeneralAntilles <- voting thread21:24
dnearyJaffa: I know of a couple of e-voting systems... There's always going to be a bit of work to do it21:25
Jaffaqgi1: there's a proposal in the task document. It requires integration with the karma & account systems. I can take it to -community but seems it should be included in this next sprint if possible21:25
dnearyJaffa: If you restart that thread, I'll dig up some links & mail them to the list21:25
qgi1Jaffa can we talk at the end?21:25
Jaffaqgi1: sure21:25
qgi1ok thanks, X-Fade go ahead21:25
dnearyBye all!21:25
X-Fadeqgil: I'm sorry about the lack of progress updates on my tasks. I was pretty overwhelmed by the bugs/issues and emergency tasks I had to do this Sprint.21:25
-!- dneary [n=dneary@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]21:26
X-FadeManaging the repositories and everything that happened while introducing the diablo repository ate a lot of time.21:26
qgi1sure, I don't hear anybody complaining  :)21:26
X-FadeAnd other helping people on vacation was not helping either ;)21:26
* RST38h would21:26
* rm_you thinks X-Fade did an excellent job21:27
X-FadeSo, it is clear I need help with the Consolidation of Extras task.21:27
qgi1my lesson is that no task goes to next sprint when saying " Niels must specify what goes in this sprint"  :)21:28
qgi1Niels or whoever, only well defined tasks go to next sprint21:28
X-FadeThe lack of response to questions on the mailinglist about things like what to do with .install did scare me a bit.21:28
BlafaselI'm sure that there are quite some volunteers. Announcs that you need help and pick ;)21:28
qgi1because the rest of things that are important but undefined are anyways done if needed21:28
JaffaAgreed - we've learnt that at work doing agile stuff too: every task in a timebox/sprint needs a *very* clearly defined deliverable at the start.21:28
X-FadeMost proposals can be worked out in the wiki. Everybody can help out there.21:29
X-FadeBut frankly this Extras topic is terribly broad.21:29
qgi1Then "Consolidation of extras": anything specific going to next sprint?21:29
X-FadeI think I like to split it in to smaller tasks.21:29
qgi1is this the task?  :)21:30
X-FadeLet's put that task for this week ;)21:30
qgi1look, I will not put anything - and you split the tasks and push whatever you want in this sprint21:31
qgi1then in the next one you will see if you want to introduce something21:31
qgi1otherwise we are again at " Niels must specify what goes in this sprint"  :)21:31
qgi1let's not get stuck here: next task?21:31
X-FadeAbout 'Better extras categories and debtags'. We need to discuss that more, so help with that proposal is needed.21:32
qgi1moved to next sprint21:32
GeneralAntillesI think we can dilute the discussion from the lists down into the start of a wiki proposal.21:32
X-FadeI have been diving into the subject some more and now I'm not convinced that debtags will be a solution.21:32
X-FadeSo, yeah. To next sprint.21:33
qgi1"" Extras & integration""?21:33
X-FadeI introduced more integration during this sprint. But need to document it still.21:34
qgi1committed to next sprint?21:34
qgi1anything else from backlog/proposals?21:35
X-FadeNo, there are still some enhancement requests in bugzilla I want to take.21:35
qgi1ok, let's continue then with.. Oskari?21:36
X-FadeAnd I will probably need to assist when the Task:Fast Server gets implemented.21:36
qgi1oskari not here21:37
X-FadeNetBlade: ping?21:37
qgi1andre__: in th meantime...21:38
-!- andre__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]21:38
X-Fadeqgi1: continue, I'll try to notify him.21:38
GeneralAntillesqgi1 killed andre!21:38
qgi1guenther: in the meantime...21:38
NetBladeX-Fade: pong21:38
guentherGot some more bugzilla hacking and cleaning up on my list. Including security / privacy related changes, options, and report features.21:38
guentherThe stuff on my personal list for the next few weeks.21:39
qgi1guenther: "Karsten" is mentioned at " Put the Bugsquad in place"21:39
qgi1is this completed?21:39
guentherNot yet, we're working on that.21:39
guentherLarge parts are done already.21:40
qgi1committed for next sprint, then?21:40
-!- andre__ [] has joined #maemo-meeting21:40
guentheryeah, I guess so...21:40
qgi1also, another thing not to repeat are taks owned by Mr A / Mr B21:40
guentherandre__: Put the bugsquad in place -- committed for next sprint?21:40
qgi1also to whom belongs ultimately the task, Andre or Karsten?21:41
andre__ yes.21:41
guenthererr, both21:41
andre__we've made some progress, e.g. we got a Triage guide now (need to blog about it) at for triagers.21:41
andre__Currently working to have better info for bug reporters at , see for an initial version21:41
andre__kind of both, yes.21:41
guentherqgi1: Most of our tasks are too heavy for a half time position...21:42
qgi1guenther: sory if I'm stubborned but it would be good to know who exactly can I chase to e.g. report on the task if the information seems to be outdated21:42
qgi1then the tasks are handles usually by more than one person, no problem21:42
andre__qgi1, chase me if in doubt :)21:42
guentherSame with our plan for the sprint.21:42
guentherandre__: ^^21:42
qgi1let's continue with " All components of product Website in good hands"21:43
qgi1is 95% or DONE?21:43
andre__"missing only component owners list in this wiki" - what would be a good address for having this wiki page? I'm willing to create it...21:43
qgi1andre__: just go and do it - now  :)21:43
andre__basically it's done now, we got default assignees assigned to every subcategory21:44
andre__URL? :-D21:44
qgi1guys, we (all, including myself) seem to be really good at doing tasks at 90% - please a little more effort to conclude things21:44
qgi1it feels just so much better21:44
andre__ok, i'll do something in the next minutes :)21:44
qgi1"basically it's done" is something we say many times21:45
sp3000meh, just link to
sp3000done! :P21:45
qgi1alright, NetBlade21:45
andre__sp3000, that does not list the default assignees21:45
NetBladeqgi1: yep21:45
andre__i think that's what qgil has in mind21:45
andre__sp3000, the guys responsible for each category21:46
sp3000o,h you have to be logegd in :\21:46
sp3000how rude21:46
andre__oops. right. ok, fixed by definition :-P21:46
qgi1NetBlade: status of your tasks in this sprint21:46
sp3000oh well, I suppose it theoretically saves someone some span21:46
sp3000I'm not sure people without bugzilla accounts have any use for the "who owns what component" information though :)21:47
qgi1NetBlade: I guess you respond also for Henri's tasks?
NetBlade"Registration and sponsorship for Maemo summit 2008" -> will try ty close bugs tomorrow21:47
qgi1task goes to next sprint...21:47
NetBlade"Forum interface to mailing lists released" -> no idea, bergie didn't tell me anything about this one21:48
qgi1NetBlade: but it was agreed in the meeting and i n this page during the whole sprint, you could have asked...21:48
X-Fadeqgi1: There seems to be no progress on that task this sprint.21:48
NetBladeqgi1: yep, but when I asked bergie about that, he just told that he's going to do it21:49
qgi1committed to next sprint?21:49
qgi1also, now there is a "Holidays" field at
NetBladeqgi1: hopefully21:50
NetBlade"User profile improvements defined and started" -> Neithan (our new worker) is doing it on internal now, some bugs left21:50
qgi1please everybody put the relevant info so we don't get the surprises we got in this sprint21:50
qgi1NetBlade: "hopefully" means yes, otherwise I prefer not to put it21:50
qgi1NetBlade: webforum in Sprint3 yes or not?21:51
NetBladeqgi1: hopefully means that I first check everything21:51
qgi1then I won't put it, you can always work on it and complete it anyway21:51
qgi1about the profiles, what was agreed was "defined and started"21:52
qgi1then Henri just released without sharing anything21:52
qgi1and then he went on vacation21:52
qgi1I still don't know whather to be happy or not  :)21:52
NetBladeI understand.....21:53
NetBladewell, as soon as Neithan gets the karma table working, we'll send some info to the mailing list21:53
qgi1it would be good to be able to discuss, see a draft, comment... It's ok if you just go and release if you feel confident... and are there the day after to fix and improve based on feedback21:53
-!- marcell1 [] has joined #maemo-meeting21:53
qgi1otherwise, Oskari gets the hot potatio21:53
NetBladeand we won't publish anything unless you agree21:53
qgi1you = maemo-community, it's not even about myself21:54
qgi1oook  :)21:54
NetBladeso, a couple "yes" answers from the mailing list is enough??21:54
NetBladeby webforum you mean the discussion on the brainstorm?21:55
qgi1we interface to mailing list21:55
NetBladethat's also something that bergie didn't want to tell me anything before he left21:55
qgi1there is a beta internal and the task was to make it public and I guess work on it more21:56
NetBladebut, he's coming back on friday and I'll be waiting him early in the morning....21:56
qgi1well guys, you will know at Nemein how you get organized...21:56
qgi1as said, nobody stops you from doing all the things you have in the queue, no matter that they are not committed in the sprint21:57
qgi1NetBlade: if you want we can discuss on the sprint3 tasks, if you are taking anything else, and then you ar done in the meeting21:57
NetBlade"Defining company and role in profiles" -> this is on the list on friday21:57
-!- RST38bis [n=fms@] has joined #maemo-meeting21:58
qgi1NetBlade: do you know anything about
NetBladeno idea whatsoever21:59
qgi1ok, well I hope bergie comes fresh from Holidays  ;)21:59
NetBlademe to21:59
crashanddiebergie ?21:59
qgi1Henri Bergius, from Nemin like NetBlade - Oskari Kokko22:00
NetBlade'cos I'll be going to a summer camp for two weeks on sunday and bergie is taking over everything22:00
qgi1:) anything else NetBlade ?22:00
lcukNetBlade, ensure the crossover from you to him is smoother.  show him how its done22:01
NetBladelcuk: that's the plan22:01
qgi1 - I didn't put it as DONE because Soumya wanted still to put the lines of code approx of each component22:02
qgi1but well, it's DONE22:02
qgi1it will need some revision and it can look better, but Soumya has extracted the raw data and now other people can work on the spreadsheet22:02
qgi1and I have been reporting on my tasks, all done22:03
qgi1(the trick was to have the family away in the whole sprint - they came yesterday and now I will be back to "normal life")22:03
ferencqgi1: :)22:04
X-FadeOuch ;)22:04
qgi1any comments on ?22:04
andre__qgi1: lies! i saw your girl at guadec! :-P22:04
ferencqgi1: yes22:04
qgi1ah, my summer love22:04
ferencI have two outstanding issues:22:04
ferenc1. needs a Midgard or apache expert to debug on-site.22:05
ferenc2. can not be reproduced. I believe it was related to DOS attacks.22:05
andre__2. => RESOLVED WORKSFORME22:05
X-Fadeferenc: 1. Is being worked on by Piotras.22:05
X-Fadeandre__: 2. REOPENED :)22:05
Jaffaferenc: DOS attacks on port 22?22:06
ferencso, fine. if #3280 will be solved by Piotras, then I am happy.22:06
guentherferenc: *both* of them are "lost connection"s?22:06
ferencJaffa: yes.22:06
guentherOn unrelated ports?22:06
guentherHardware / Network issues?22:06
X-Fadeguenther: Yes, but the cause is different.22:07
ferencguenther: no.22:07
qgi1guys, it looks like you hav something to comment on the bug - please help there  :)22:07
X-Fadeguenther: 1. is a segfault in php.22:07
ferencqgi1: yes, exactly. my words...22:07
qgi1anything else on Sprint2?22:08
X-FadeBergie added multiple email addresses to profile, but they aren't used for karma yet.22:08
ferencnot from my side.22:08
qgi1comment there/reopen...22:08
qgi1guys, we have reviewed Sprint2 in 30' less than last time we reviewed Sprint122:09
andre__maybe our "Getting developers involved" ticket (bug 630) - Like always: In (long-term) progress. I've lately seen more Nokians' activity in Maemo Bugzilla, probably thanks to qgi1 talking to everybody at lunch and convincing them to become more open. ;-)22:09
andre__I'm probably going to be at Helsinki in August for some meetings and will discuss a few things there, e.g. having a better workflow for enhancement requests. I got a list in my head, need to write it down...22:09
andre__...just to complete my Sprint2 list22:09
GeneralAntilles <- good place for writing.22:10
GeneralAntillesWrong link22:10
qgi1what I will do now is to move all the pending tasks/bugs to next sprint22:10
qgi1and I will put all these to RED22:10
qgi1since they are delayed22:10
qgi1you can change the color according to the progress you are doing22:10
qgi1also, now reporting will be required22:10
qgi1no reporting - no good22:11
qgi1of course this goes essentially for those of us getting paid to do our work22:11
qgi1this is what we agreed during Sprint2 and this is what we will do from now on22:11
qgi1any comments on this22:11
qgi1(before we take a little break)?22:11
andre__sounds good.22:11
andre__i just have to kick guenther to report more frequently ;-)22:12
ferencqgi1: i guess you mean: report when something is being done. don't report just for the sake of reporting.22:12
* guenther hangs his head in shame22:12
guentherWill do!22:12
qgi1ferenc: sure22:12
qgi1ferenc: also report on the tasks/bugs of the sprint mainly22:12
qgi1feel free to comment on anything else related22:12
qgi1no need to report on the rest of our lives22:13
X-FadeFor he next sprint we can have live bugreport status in the wiki ;)22:13
qgi1alright... let's continue with at **:2022:13
qgi1X-Fade: that would be good, less manual work22:14
andre__X-Fade, that plugin is cute, man!22:14
X-Fadeuhu ;)22:14
X-Fade*ding* *ding* *ding*22:21
qgi1I was updating
GeneralAntillesSo much tomato.22:21
qgi1let's go first for the backlog, then proposals22:22
qgi1in fact reflects our tomatic realitic quite well imho22:22
qgi1dave took 2 tasks from the backlog22:22
qgi1who wants to take ONE more?22:23
ferencme :)22:23
qgi1ferenc: go ahead22:23
ferencah, my bad. sorry... i am waiting for the proposals...22:23
qgi1backlog first22:24
marcell1qgil: do we know what's up with the new maemo servers? If not I can contact ixonos and ask them22:24
-!- Jaffa [n=root@] has quit []22:25
qgi1marcell1 !!! I didn't know you were here22:25
marcell1I dropped in at the middle :)22:25
qgi1I have no idea, X-Fade or ferenc might know22:25
marcell1ok, I will ask them tomorrow22:25
X-Fadeqgi1: If you assume .....22:25
ferencmarcell1: Misha had some info, and he left to vacation.22:25
qgi1X-Fade: I don't22:26
-!- JaffaN810 is now known as Jaffa22:26
qgi1anyway, as we see it's not clear whether we can commit it22:26
qgi1any in any case is clear to everybody that this is the Priority Number One since...22:26
qgi1marcell1: you still have some of the 100Days  ;)22:27
qgi1let's not put it in this sprint22:27
qgi1to avoid another fiasco of no-real-progress thanks to the ISP22:27
marcell1If for some reason the machines are available, when can Rambo start the installation?22:27
ferencmarcell1: he is also on vacation, i guess two more weeks..22:27
qgi1about " Introduce license and open/closed status to the list of packages" I propose to take it out22:29
qgi1since it's mostly complete already22:29
qgi1not the specific license but yes to open/closed22:29
qgi1I wonder how relevant is to know all the licenses22:29
qgi1If someone wants to know... the sources are there to check22:29
qgi1are you ok with this?22:30
ferencimho that's fine.22:30
qgi1GeneralAntilles: this relates to a wiki page you started22:30
GeneralAntillesYeah, it doesn't particularly bother me.22:31
GeneralAntillesThe licenses can be added later if there's a clamor.22:31
qgi1ok, out then22:31
qgi1any task from the backlog going to Sprint3 then, apart from those pushed by Dave?22:32
qgi1alright, let's move to
qgi1ferenc: your turn22:33
qgi1or wait22:33
qgi1let's follow the order of proposals there22:33
qgi1and see if they go to sprint, backlog or reviewed22:33
qgi1if you have a comment on a task shout quick not to be witing for comments in silent for each proposal22:34
qgi1 Complete the 2010 Agenda community proposal. - Quim Sprint322:34
qgi1as said  :)22:34
qgi1Task:ITt_Collaboration - Henri22:34
qgi1sadly not in this sprint, but it should go in the backlog = 100Days22:35
qgi1* [[Task:Improving]] - Dave22:35
qgi1** [ Developer documentation portal needs revision]22:35
qgi1this is one of those bugs that should be a wiki page instead22:36
qgi1* [[Task:Content Cleanup]] - Dave22:36
qgi1backlog = 100days22:36
qgi1* [[Task:Using]] - Ferenc22:36
ferencDescribing garage usage. ie. task: fits nicely to next sprint. I am supposed to document quite a lot of stuff for the internal Nokia team as well.22:36
qgi1ok to me22:37
qgi1* Merge relevant content from - Volunteers needed22:37
qgi1not someone to push, reviewed22:38
qgi1* Consider using -- BugzillaReports generates great looking reports from Bugzilla which you can include in your MediaWiki pages. ''installed, ready for use --[[User:xfade|xfade]] 07:22, 18 July 2008 (UTC)''22:38
qgi1so... completed22:39
qgi1* [[Task:Community Council]] - TBC22:39
qgi1what happens to this one?22:39
qgi1Jaffa GeneralAntilles22:39
* Jaffa is slightly concerned about impartiality if me or GeneralAntilles pushes it and wants to be on the council.22:40
qgi1c'mon guys22:40
pupnikbut we want Jaffa and GeneralAntilles22:40
qgi1it's like not pushing democracy because I want to be elected22:40
qgi1sprint3, backlog or reviewed? you decide22:41
pupnikHow about just getting it over with Jaffa / GeneralAntilles ... if someone has a problem, they can object22:41
JaffaWill take it to -community: primarily need someone on to set up the voting system. Then call for nominees. Then elections. There's not much to do22:41
qgi1Jaffa: backlog22:41
ferencJaffa: I will check on the voting system for Midgard.22:41
qgi1Jaffa: I need your ok to put it in backlog with you are coordinator22:42
qgi1without ok it will go to reviewed  :)22:43
qgi1let's continue22:43
qgi1* [ Package search page]22:43
Jaffaqgi1: If I'm coordinating it, I want it done this sprint if at all possible. That'll be dependent on others, but will see what people say.22:43
ferencme me :)22:43
-!- RST38bis [n=fms@] has quit [No route to host]22:43
JaffaHang on. Can't I think before typing?22:43
qgi1Jaffa: of, sprint322:43
ferencqgi1: I am committed to kick off the package search web UI: , It is an old dream of mine, in a way...22:43
sp3000Jaffa: you're new to this interwebs thing ep :P22:43
qgi1Jaffa: you have the rest of the meeting to decide  :)22:43
qgi1in the meantime we proceed with the rest, unless you want more discussion22:44
Jaffasp3000: hardly, I'm just typing through a fugue of drugs and a pregnant wife talking to me.22:44
Jaffaqgi1: no, that's fine.22:44
qgi1I hope you understand, this is how we eat minutes...22:44
pupnikis the package search intended to work like gronmayer?22:45
GeneralAntillesLet's hope not.22:45
ferencpupnik: i will send my ideas to maemo-community22:45
GeneralAntillesExtras and Nokia repos only, please.22:45
qgi1"committed to kick off" means backlog to get started or do you think is sprint322:45
ferenci don't think it can be completed in Sprint322:45
ferenci will start it anyway.22:45
qgi1ferenc: hopefully you will send a link to a wiki page to maemo-community  ;)22:45
qgi1ok, backlog22:45
Blafaselferenc: I'd be glad to help.22:46
qgi1* [ Maemo Community calendar]: [ beta] finished or killed.22:46
ferencBlafasel: thanks. i will start a page, send an email, and we can start working.22:46
qgi1this means to take a decision22:46
ferencqgi1: this is a tough one. Jerry knew this, but since he left to a new job the task is pending.22:46
ferencany javascript/ajax guru around?22:47
qgi1proposing backlog because we need to make a decision22:47
qgi1at some point22:47
crashanddieferenc, I'm good, but not a guru22:47
ferencqgi1: pu the calendar to my name.22:47
ferenci will start a page, send an email and collect ideas and hackers.22:47
ferencwill contact Jerry as well.22:48
qgi1then we have all these Summit related tasks22:48
ferenccrashanddie: thanks, will be in touch!22:48
-!- Italodance [i=Persia@] has quit []22:48
qgi1those defined as sprint3 to be in the sprint3, the rest ot backlog22:48
qgi1* [[Task:Publishing_API_docs#Plan|Plan for Publishing API docs]] - Dave?22:48
qgi1(nice smiley)22:49
qgi1ferenc: it would be good to have your input there22:49
qgi1since you have invested time and brain in the past22:49
ferencqgi1: okay.22:49
qgi1backlog then22:50
ferenclet's start a page, and send an other email :)22:50
qgi1one minute...22:50
X-FadeTimeless has setup
ferencwill be easy, just have to lookup some old mails.22:50
-!- XTL [] has left #maemo-meeting ["getting too late"]22:50
qgi1 updated, to be polished22:52
qgi1note that there are Summit tasks that need an owner...22:52
qgi1i really hope to get some help22:52
qgi1after making happy so many people  ;)22:52
qgi1let's see22:52
qgi123 candidates to be committed to this sprint22:53
X-Fadeqgi1: too long.22:53
ferencworked for me.22:53
GeneralAntillesAny clues on ?22:54
* GeneralAntilles is really bored with that orange banner.22:54
-!- NetBlade [] has quit []22:55
qgi1let's do something22:55
qgi1first let's propose the bugs from that list that YOU propose as HIGH and YOU will fix22:55
qgi1start posting22:55
-!- sjgadsby [n=sjgadsby@] has left #maemo-meeting []22:55
ferencferenc:  HIGH22:56
ferencGeneralAntilles: i will spend time on the bug and fix it in sprint 3.22:56
andre__then set it to high ;-)22:56
marcell1I can take
ferencmarcell1: is a request to dns hostmasters, i think.22:57
X-Fade HIGH, related:
marcell1yep, the request was made22:58
qgi1please make the changes on the bug yourselves22:58
qgi1andre__ & guenther are you taking any?22:59
ferencmarking HIGH: we should use the google box for search.22:59
andre__i've set to medium, working on it23:00
qgi1alright, from 23 to 18 now  :)23:00
qgi1andre__: if it's for this sprint then HIGH please23:00
guentherThe only bug related issue in that list.23:00
qgi1now, change of game23:00
andre__there's not much bugs against bugzilla currently :)23:01
qgi1propose ONE bug that you really want to see fixed in this sprint (one pr person)23:01
qgi1post urls and let's discuss them23:01
andre__let me take 2365 and 1288 then23:01
andre__and iirc guenther takes 2463 and 3350? guenther, correct me if i'm wrong :)23:02
guentherYes, I'll work on these.23:03
qgi1er... guys, we are looking at those MEDIUM now23:03
qgi1do what you want, but all this was part of preparing the current meeting23:03
qgi1sorry for being such a pain in the ass with the little process we have  :)23:03
andre__heh. well, i *can* try to work on non bug-related stuff, but don't blame me afterwards :-P23:04
qgi1so for instance, GeneralAntilles wanted really to have one bug fixed, and now ferenc has taken it23:04
qgi1how many more like these?23:04
crashanddieI can give a few if you really want some :D23:04
qgi1andre__: I'm only saying that before the sprint you put as MEDIUM those bugs that you think that need to be fixed in the next sprint (that will be put as HIGH)23:05
qgi1that's all23:05
qgi1crashanddie: just one23:05
qgi1(we are down to 14 medium bugs, good, good)23:05
andre__qgi1, yeah sorry, had two bugs in there but fixed one already today and didn't put one more in23:05
andre__for the rest i blame guenther ;-)23:05
qgi1my preferred:
qgi1can someone take it or is it henri and only henri?23:06
andre__i have no clue of such stuff, sorry :-(23:07
* guenther nods23:07
X-Fadeqgi1: Refresh ;)23:07
crashanddieOnly official members can work on the website right ?23:07
ferenccrashanddie: no23:08
ferenccrashanddie: the code is open source ;)23:08
crashanddiethat changes a lot :-°23:08
-!- RST38bis [] has joined #maemo-meeting23:08
qgi1crashanddie: what is your preferred bug ?23:08
ferenchas always been like that. but you need to know a lot of midgard internals...23:08
qgi1and where do you want to help?23:08
X-Fadecrashanddie: Check the maemo2midgard project on garage.23:08
BlafaselUnrelated, low-prio: Would be nice if someone could be so kind after this meeting and tell the new guys (i.e. me..) how to get up to speed. See crashanddie's remark, that was unclear for me as well.23:09
qgi1rest of "24 people in room", no preferred bugs?23:09
ferencqgi1: i have taken quite a few from the original list.23:09
ferencthose all are my favs ;)23:09
Blafaselqgi1: Slowly reading all of those23:09
marcell1karma plugin for media wiki
ferencqgi1: about well.... i guess Bergie could point out the root cause in a minute.23:10
GeneralAntilles+1 on marcell1's23:10
qgi1Blafasel: you're right - there was a task in the hands of Dave months ago about "documenting the development process"23:11
marcell1GeneralAntilles: you have used up your vote already :)23:11
BlafaselThat would be awesome, yes. What's the status_23:11
qgi1afair there is little done on that23:11
qgi1I just write this weekend23:11
-!- qwerty12_N800 [] has quit ["Sfe"]23:11
GeneralAntillesmarcell1, I wasn't informed of the rules when I brought the first one up. :P ;)23:11
ferencqgi1: nice how-to!23:12
ferencqgi1: let's set to high!23:13
ferencqgi1: i will contact Bergie and get an answer from him, at least.23:13
qgi1ferenc: this one, then
qgi1if there would be a similar for Midgard,23:13
qgi1there is also the MAG page...23:13
BlafaselI'd be interested in but it's assigned (Henri?) and the introduction would be helpful..23:14
qgi1but you rellay need to know, otherwise a newbie won't find that info ever23:14
X-FadeBlafasel: That is an easy fix. That is just because we list only 5 entries per block.23:14
BlafaselX-Fade: I was sure that this is something easy, that's why I say I could do that :)23:15
X-FadeBlafasel: If we remove that limit, it will be fixed.23:15
qgi1Blafasel: set to HIGH since it's a bug that bergie left before going on holidays23:16
qgi1since the task is in sprint3, the related bug is high23:16
qgi1get yourself CCed to the bug and offer your help to Henri23:16
ferencqgi1: hmm, just reading this:
qgi112 bugs currently in MEDIUM, this is 50% of the candidtes - ok for me23:17
ferencqgi1: do you or Dave (or anyoone) plan to migrate other services from Midgard to Mediawiki as well?23:17
qgi1ferenc: what do you mean?23:18
ferenclike app catalog, planet, calendar etc etc23:18
qgi1er... no23:18
ferencsocial news...23:18
crashanddiethat would be counter productive23:18
qgi1how would you do a planet on top mediawiki?23:18
ferencqgi1: i just got scared for a second :)23:19
qgi1I'm not editing everymorning a page after visiting 75 blogs  :)23:19
ferencqgi1: forget it.23:19
ferenccrashanddie: you are right.23:19
crashanddieqgi1, I had that doubt for a second too when I read the first lines of Maemowiki_Action_Group23:19
X-FadeBlafasel: Can you check if your bug is fixed now? :)23:19
GeneralAntilless/Midgard to mediawiki/Midgard wiki to mediawiki/23:19
crashanddieferenc, so yeah, I understand your question23:19
sp3000qgi1: careful, if you ask how someone will take it as a challenge :P23:19
ferencGeneralAntilles: better this way ;)23:19
ferencqgi1: so now you are happy with the number of bugs?23:20
qgi1we seem to have everything for sprint323:20
qgi1anything else, comments?23:20
BlafaselX-Fade: Trying to. Damn slow connection to
ferencqgi1: tell me the trick of sending away the family for a whole sprint? :)23:20
crashanddieferenc, disneyworld23:20
Blafaselqgi1: So what happened to the introduction document? Dead?23:20
qgi1get paivakoti/hindergarten closed, and one of the partners having to work in an office23:21
qgi1you will se how the other one has little choice but find grandparents elsewhare23:21
crashanddieif I had known I could work on the website all this time along and contribute, I would've... I'm sorry I didn't, really23:21
qgi1Blafasel: introduction document?23:21
GeneralAntillesTo the development process.23:21
Blafaselqgi1: "How to get started". Access to the sources, fields of work etc.23:22
BlafaselThanks, GA. Exactly that23:22
qgi1ask Dave  :)  I don't know, at some point I got tired of chasing23:22
qgi1(not to dav, in general)23:22
pupnikcrashanddie: indeed, many IT users haven't grasped that there are many ways they can contribute23:22
-!- RST38bis [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]23:22
BlafaselAye, that's the point23:23
qgi1I'm not active in maemo2midgard either, so I pushed the tasks thing, since I'm familiar with the process23:23
crashanddiepupnik, because it's not evident ?23:23
qgi1GeneralAntilles pushed the maemowiki thing23:23
qgi1andre__ & guenther the bugsquad23:23
BlafaselX-Fade: Works, great.23:23
BlafaselX-Fade: Go close the bug ;)23:23
crashanddieI mean, when you go on Developers, there's the SDK, maemo API, and stuff like that... But there's isn't a single reference about all the other stuff we can help out with23:23
ferenccrashanddie: check maemo-community for the rest. it was just started recently,23:24
BlafaselThat's what I talk about. Helping the community would need some love/introduction for newcomers.23:24
ferencold mails from maemo2midgard were migrated.23:24
qgi1you do see " Proposal for - see also Bug 3177." at23:25
-!- sjgadsby [] has joined #maemo-meeting23:25
ferencthe work is started from the website, but this new list: maemo-community is meant for topics other than SDK, hard core tablet hacking etc...23:25
qgi1 is just a note-to-self dave put it23:25
qgi1(with a very descriptive title, btw)23:26
X-Fade FIXED :)23:26
qgi1and we just left it to MEDIUM23:26
crashanddiewell this should be *high* IMHO23:26
BlafaselX-Fade: Nice23:26
qgi1so perhaps someone from you wants to take it and push it23:26
qgi1IMHO too, and I have been also insisting on this23:27
ferenc : many RSS feeds are available today23:27
qgi1(but I guess I just insist in too many things)23:27
ferenclet's just collect them. close the bug, put a link to a wiki page.23:27
qgi1(((which is totally uneffective)))23:27
ferencshall i take it ? :)23:27
ferenci will be opening a few wiki pages anyway....23:27
crashanddieqgi1, trust me, I know the feeling, it's hard to prioritise things down when there's a lot to do...23:27
qgi1one thing is the bug, another thing is that "rviewed" task that has been around since... last year (Proposal for )23:28
Blafaselqgi1: / Introduction lists a comment from you: For the next spring there'd be a Nokia guy (Peter) working on that?23:28
qgi1this is where people like these guys in this room should find all the infor to get involved23:28
qgi1yes, this was
andre__just fyi, gnome has a JoinGnome wikipage providing an overview of the fields one could get involved in23:30
BlafaselOkay.. I guess there's no way around bugging some people on #maemo for a helping hand getting started then23:30
crashanddieandre__, that would indeed be a good thing23:30
ferencBlafasel: sometimes email will work better ;)23:30
Blafaselandre__: That's the right way. Currently the most visible part for me is the developing part (and I suck at python, C) ;)23:30
andre__maybe it can be an inspiration23:31
Blafaselferenc: Currently subscribing like hell.23:31
ferencBlafasel: although X-Fade is doing a great job to monitor #maemo and spread the words to right people.23:31
BlafaselTarget aquired.. ;)23:31
crashanddieBlafasel, while you're at it, subscribe me too :P23:31
crashanddiexfade is Niels right ?23:32
Blafaselcrashanddie: Uhm? To mailing lists? ;)23:32
X-Fadecrashanddie: Yep23:32
crashanddieBlafasel, aye23:32
ferencqgi1: where are we now?23:32
crashanddieX-Fade, remember me to buy you a beer at the Summit23:32
Blafaselcrashanddie: I don't know your address? is the way to go here ;)23:32
X-Fadecrashanddie: Dat is een goed plan.23:32
qgi1ferenc: in the end of the meeting  :)23:33
BlafaselX-Fade: Help me understanding the site and repositories for 3 beers at the summit ;)23:33
ferencqgi1: i just sensed that ;)23:33
crashanddieX-Fade, heel zeker :) Zonder jouw had ik het nooit gemerkt dat er een probleem was met m'n SSH key, en had ik zeker en vast veel geld verloren :P23:33
qgi1ok, official end23:33
andre__hmm. i can understand that, but the rest can't :-P23:33
qgi1I will rview the sprint pages and de-protect them23:33
* sp3000 sounds the klaxon23:33
qgi1thanks to everybody!23:33
guentherandre__: I understand that too.23:34
qgi1also thanks for the visitors, we hope to get you happier23:34

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