icd_context Struct Reference
[ICd context]

#include <icd_context.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

gboolean daemon
guint shutting_down
GMainLoop * main_loop
GSList * policy_module_list
GSList * request_list
GSList * nw_module_list
GHashTable * type_to_module
GSList * srv_module_list
GHashTable * srv_type_to_srv_module
GHashTable * nw_type_to_srv_module
guint idle_timer_notify
guint iap_deletion_notify

Detailed Description

ICd context

Member Data Documentation

run as deamon if TRUE, run in foreground if FALSE

Referenced by icd_args_decode(), icd_context_init(), and main().

glib main loop

Referenced by icd_context_init(), icd_context_run(), and icd_context_stop().

hash table mapping network types to the modules in the above list

Referenced by icd_context_init(), icd_iap_connect(), icd_network_api_has_type(), icd_network_api_load_modules(), and icd_network_api_unload_modules().

idle timer gconf notification id

Referenced by icd_idle_timer_init(), and icd_idle_timer_remove().

IAP deletion gconf notification id

Referenced by icd_gconf_add_notify(), and icd_gconf_del_notify().

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