Getting started

Getting MAFW
Initial preparations
Program initialization
Loading out-of-process extensions
Loading in-process extensions
In-process versus out-of-process extensions

Getting MAFW

MAFW is available in the form of debian packages, so it can be installed using tools like dpkg or apt.

MAFW can also be installed from sources. To build and install a MAFW package from sources, move to the root directory of the sources and execute:

make install

When building from sources, one can also pass certain flags to the script. Check the file for a list of available build flags for the package. Common and useful supported flags among all MAFW packages are:

  • --prefix=PATH, installs MAFW files at PATH.

  • --disable-tests, disables tests (speeds up compilation time).

  • --enable-debug, compile with debug options enabled. Useful for debugging and developing since it adds flags that increase the compiler strictness.

Also, when building MAFW from sources, one should take into account the package dependencies. MAFW should be built in this order:

  • mafw
  • mafw-shared
  • source and renderer plugins