Version 1.1

Sharing Overview
Sharing Services
SharingService — A sharing service installed on the device.
Sharing Accounts
SharingAccount — A sharing account defined by a user.
Sharing Service Option Value
SharingServiceOptionValue — A simple ID/name pair for a SharingAccount.
Sharing Entries
SharingEntry — Sharing entry object used to abstract all entries that can be made and used with Sharing.
SharingEntryMedia — Media element of a SharingEntry
SharingTag — Tag element of SharingEntryMedia.
Sharing HTTP
SharingHTTP — Class for making simple GET and POST HTTP requests to web services.
Sharing Transfers
SharingTransfer — Abstraction of SharingEntry transfer.
Sharing Plugin Interface
SharingPluginInterface — The Sharing plugin GModule interface.