alarm_recur_t Struct Reference

Date and time based recurrence defination. More...

Data Fields

uint64_t mask_min
uint32_t mask_hour
uint32_t mask_mday
uint32_t mask_wday
uint32_t mask_mon
uint32_t special

Detailed Description

Date and time based recurrence defination.

Recurrence time can be specified by masks for:

Recurrence date can be specified by masks for:

Additionally the following special cases are supported:

Note: the bit masks are struct tm compatible, that is

yields expected result.

Setting a bit in a mask allows the value to be used as a recurrence point.

See also:

Field Documentation

Bitmask for allowed minute values.

Range: (1ull << 0) ... (1ull << 59).

See alarmrecurflags, ALARM_RECUR_MIN_xxx

Note that this is a 64 bit value.

Bitmask for allowed hour values.

Range: (1ul << 0) ... (1ul << 23)

See alarmrecurflags, ALARM_RECUR_HOUR_xxx

Bitmask for allowed day of month values.

Range: (1ul << 1) ... (1ul << 31)

See alarmrecurflags, ALARM_RECUR_MDAY_xxx

Bitmask for allowed day of week values.

Range: (1ul << 0) ... (1ul << 6) for Sunday ... Monday.

See alarmrecurflags, ALARM_RECUR_WDAY_xxx

Bitmask for allowed month values.

Range: (1ul << 0) ... (1ul << 11) for January ... December.

See alarmrecurflags, ALARM_RECUR_MON_xxx

Code for special cases.

See alarmrecurflags, ALARM_RECUR_SPECIAL_xxx

Note: The special rules are applied first to advance from the previous trigger time. Then the masks are used to adjust the result.

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