Todo List

page Internet Connectivity daemon version 2
draw the IAP state diagram and insert it here

Member icd_network_module::scope
move scan parameters into another struct

Member icd_dbus_api_connect_req
OSSO_IAP_ASK merging should be done somewhere else

Member icd_dbus_api_scan_append
UI designer does not want to have the "scanning" icon blinking in this case

Member icd_iap_id_create
the settings library will create the id, for now let icd2 create a local id

Member icd_iap_post_up_script_done
what to do with this iap if UI goes down?

Member icd_iap_rename
continuing with connecting should be done somewhere else

Member icd_network_api_foreach_module
make icd_scan use the module iteration function

Member icd_network_api_renew
when saving, the dialog might try to save a name for a failed iap...

Member icd_network_priority_get
sort order should be stored in gconf

Member icd_osso_ic_activate
OSSO_IAP_ASK merging should be done somewhere else

Member icd_policy_api_init_cb
make init return TRUE on success and FALSE on failure whereby the module is unloaded

Member icd_request_merge
we should really pass a token to the modules and look up the existing pointer based on this token, or at least verify that this request exists

Member icd_request_try_iap_cb
generate status updates for the event(s)

Member icd_request_try_iap_cb
how to remove this request if UI goes down

Member icd_srv_provider_identify_cb
this sets the network priority for ALL entries, not just the service entry; for now it works as the preferred is only WIMAX, which does not have any networks without a service provider; the network part is created right here

Group icd_wlan_defs
Remove this file when wlan provides a .h file with the needed defines

Member icd_wlan_defs_get_secmode
currently only detects wep, because only WEP is needed in combination for DHCP retry error ICD_DBUS_ERROR_DHCP_WEP_FAILED

Member policy_any_new_request
here we should make a new ASK request and merge with that

Member policy_any_scan_cb
actually we should wait until all networks have completed one round of scanning and only then remove all scan requests

Member policy_change_confirm_cb
make a compile-time define for this, as UI is/has been buggy?

Member policy_nw_disconnect
other piece of information needed to make a decision

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