FsRtpSession — A RTP session in a FsRtpConference




  "no-rtcp-timeout"          gint                  : Read / Write
  "ssrc"                     guint                 : Read / Write


This object represents one session, it is created by called fs_conference_new_session() on a FsRtpConference. It can be either Audio or Video. It also represents data send with one and only one SSRC (although if there is a SSRC collision, that SSRC may change).

Codec profiles

It is possible to define "codec profiles", that is non-autodetected encoding and decoding pipelines for codecs. It is even possible to declare entirely new codecs using this method.

To create a profile for a codec, add it to the codec-preferences with special optional parameters called "farsight-send-profile" and "farsight-recv-profile", these should contain gst-launch style descriptions of the encoding or decoding bin.

As a special case, encoding profiles can have more than one unconnected source pad, all of these pads should produce application/x-rtp of some kind. The profile will be ignored if not ALL pads match currently negotiated codecs.

Also, it is possible to declare profiles with only a decoding pipeline, you will only be able to receive from this codec, the encoding may be a secondary pad of some other codec.



typedef struct {
  FsSession parent;
} FsRtpSession;

Property Details

The "no-rtcp-timeout" property

  "no-rtcp-timeout"          gint                  : Read / Write

This is the time (in ms) after which data received without RTCP is attached the FsStream, this only works if there is only one FsStream. -1 will wait forever. 0 will not wait for RTCP and attach it immediataly to the FsStream and prohibit the creation of a second FsStream.

Allowed values: >= -1

Default value: 7000

The "ssrc" property

  "ssrc"                     guint                 : Read / Write

This is the current SSRC used to send data (defaults to a random value).

Default value: 0