Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_DBusGMethodInfoDBusGMethodInfo: : C method to invoke : Marshaller to invoke method : Offset into the introspection data
_DBusGMethodInvocationSECTION:dbus-gmethod : GMethod Info & Invocation : DBusGMessage : Stable
_DBusGObjectInfoDBusGObjectInfo: : Allows us to change the rest of this struct by adding DBusGObjectInfo2, DBusGObjectInfo3, etc
_DBusGProxyManagerDBusGProxyManager's primary task is to route signals to the proxies those signals are emitted on
_DBusGProxyPrivateInternals of DBusGProxy
DBusGMessageQueueDBusGMessageQueue: A GSource subclass for dispatching DBusConnection messages
DBusGProxyListA list of proxies with a given name+path+interface, used to route incoming signals
ExpatParseContextContext for Expat parser for introspection data
nameDbus_g_proxy_new_from_proxy: : the proxy to use as a template : of the object inside the peer to call methods on interface to call methods on

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