Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
CAlarmThis class contains the API's to interact with alarm daemon as well store the alarm data's in the local calendar database
CAlarmIfaceThis is a pure Abstract class
CAttendeeThis class contains the API's to store the attendee details in database
CBdayEventThis class contain's the API's to get/set the birthday related parameters Inherited from CComponent class
CCalendarThis class has the API's to add/modify/delete the calendars and to add/modify/delete the components such as Event/Todo/Journal/Birthday's
CCalendarDBThis class contains core API's to interact with SQLite database. It will perform the query operations in the database
CComponentThis class contains the API's to get/set the basic parameters for any events/todo/notes This holds the basic information for components
CComponentDetailsThis class holds the complete the information about the Components. Will be used when UI/other parties needs the full details of component
CEventThis class is used to get/set the event specific properties
CJournalThis class holds the information related to journal Inherited from CComponentDetails
CMulticalendarCMulticalendar class is a single point of entry to access the calendar backend. The design pattern used is Facade, hence this class is face of the calendar-backend. There can be only one instance of CMulticalendar per process. It has API's for calendar management and fetching the components from database
COrganizerClass which contains the details of Organizers Inherited from CParticipant
CParametersThis class contains the API's to get/set the parameters for the standard properties of event/todo/journal
CParticipantThis class has get/set API's for various participant parameters
CPropertiesThis class contains the API's to get/set the parameters for the standard properties of event/todo/journal
CRecurrenceThis contains the recurrence information
CRecurrenceRuleThis class contains the information about Recurrence rule for particular component
CTodoThis class contains the details of Todo component. Inherited from CComponentDetails
ICalConverterConverts local database format to ical data and vice versa
VCalConverterConverts local database format to vcal data and vice versa

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