D-Bus Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
BusDataBlock of message-bus-related data we attach to each DBusConnection used with these convenience functions
DBusAddressEntryInternals of DBusAddressEntry
DBusAllocatedSlotAn allocated slot for storing data
DBusArrayLenFixupWhen modifying an existing block of values, array lengths may need to be adjusted; those adjustments are described by this struct
DBusAtomicAn atomic integer safe to increment or decrement from multiple threads
DBusAuthInternal members of DBusAuth
DBusAuthClient"Subclass" of DBusAuth for client side
DBusAuthCommandNameMapping from command name to enum
DBusAuthMechanismHandlerVirtual table representing a particular auth mechanism
DBusAuthServer"Subclass" of DBusAuth for server side
DBusAuthStateDataInformation about a auth state
DBusBabysitterBabysitter implementation details
DBusBasicValueA simple 8-byte value union that lets you access 8 bytes as if they were various types; useful when dealing with basic types via void pointers and varargs
DBusConnectionImplementation details of DBusConnection
DBusCounterInternals of DBusCounter
DBusCredentialsStruct representing socket credentials
DBusDataSlotDBusDataSlot is used to store application data on the connection
DBusDataSlotAllocatorAn allocator that tracks a set of slot IDs
DBusDataSlotListData structure that stores the actual user data set at a given slot
DBusDirIterInternals of directory iterator
DBusErrorObject representing an exception
DBusFreedElementStruct representing an element on the free list
DBusGroupInfoInformation about a UNIX group
DBusGUIDA globally unique ID ; we have one for each DBusServer, and also one for each machine with libdbus installed on it
DBusHashEntryInternal representation of a hash entry
DBusHashIterHash iterator object
DBusHashTableInternals of DBusHashTable
DBusHeaderMessage header data and some cached details of it
DBusHeaderFieldCached information about a header field in the message
DBusKeyA single key from the cookie file
DBusKeyringInternals of DBusKeyring
DBusListA node in a linked list
DBusMemBlockDBusMemBlock object represents a single malloc()-returned block that gets chunked up into objects in the memory pool
DBusMemPoolInternals fields of DBusMemPool
DBusMessageInternals of DBusMessage
DBusMessageFilterInternal struct representing a message filter function
DBusMessageIterDBusMessageIter struct; contains no public fields
DBusMessageLoaderImplementation details of DBusMessageLoader
DBusMessageRealIterInternals of DBusMessageIter
DBusObjectPathVTableVirtual table that must be implemented to handle a portion of the object path hierarchy
DBusObjectSubtreeStruct representing a single registered subtree handler, or node that's a parent of a registered subtree handler
DBusObjectTreeInternals of DBusObjectTree
DBusPendingCallImplementation details of DBusPendingCall - all fields are private
DBusPollFDA portable struct pollfd wrapper
DBusPreallocatedSendInternals of DBusPreallocatedSend
DBusRealErrorInternals of DBusError
DBusRealHashIterInternals of DBusHashIter
DBusRealStringInternals of DBusString
DBusServerInternals of DBusServer object
DBusServerSocketImplementation details of DBusServerSocket
DBusServerVTableVirtual table to be implemented by all server "subclasses"
DBusSHAContextStruct storing state of the SHA algorithm
DBusSignatureIterDBusSignatureIter struct; contains no public fields
DBusSignatureRealIterImplementation details of DBusSignatureIter, all fields are private
DBusStatPortable struct with stat() results
DBusStringDBusString object
DBusThreadFunctionsFunctions that must be implemented to make the D-Bus library thread-aware
DBusTimeoutInternals of DBusTimeout
DBusTimeoutListDBusTimeoutList implementation details
DBusTransportObject representing a transport such as a socket
DBusTransportSocketImplementation details of DBusTransportSocket
DBusTransportVTableThe virtual table that must be implemented to create a new kind of transport
DBusTypeReaderThe type reader is an iterator for reading values from a block of values
DBusTypeReaderClassVirtual table for a type reader
DBusTypeWriterThe type writer is an iterator for writing to a block of values
DBusUserInfoInformation about a UNIX user
DBusWatchImplementation of DBusWatch
DBusWatchListDBusWatchList implementation details
ShutdownClosureThis struct represents a function to be called on shutdown

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