Nokia Offering MeeGo Devs A 50% Bonus To Stop Them From Going ‘Mee-Go’

Posted on 2011-03-02 08:32:25 UTC.

According to the Finnish site, Taloussanomat, Nokia is offering its in-house MeeGo devs a salary plus 50% bonus to continue with the company and help avoid a mass exodus after the Feb 11 announcement that Nokia was moving to Windows Phone as its primary operating system.

Nokia Offering MeeGo Devs A 50% Bonus To Stop Them From Going 'Mee-Go'

With the help of Google Translate, it appears that the bonus is structured on a quarterly basis. The first slab being end July, followed by September and brought up by the year end. If an employee resigns before a deadline, he/she stands to loose the entire bonus for the said period.

According to Taloussanomat, Nokia has about 13,000 engineers in Finland, half of whom work on MeeGo. Nokia had also been hiring a lot of talent for MeeGo development recently, but because of the February announcement that Nokia was virtually making MeeGo a research project, a lot of people have considered moving on.

Nokia still plans on delivering its first MeeGo smartphone, possibly the N950, later this year and loosing top brains certainly wouldn’t help. But perhaps, the bigger question is, what happens once the phone is ready?

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