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New release of Web Runtime for N900

2010-11-01 11:34 UTC  by  zxz
Finally, I'm happy to push the latest Web Runtime (v1.1.0) for N900 to the extras-devel repository. Please note that this release is only tested against PR 1.3. There's no new features implemented compared to the previous release back in July, but only bug fixes. Personally, this is one of the last duties for me in the WRT project, and let's see what I would play with in the future ;)
What is Web Runtime?
It's a development framework with which you can write applications in standard Web technologies, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, a bunch of Device APIs are provided to grant you the access to native resources, e.g. file system, sensors, etc., using JavaScript.
To install WRT on N900, you should first enable the extras-devel repository.

If you have the previous release installed, you should first uninstall:
sudo gainroot
apt-get purge libwrt-experimental1

Then install the new release:
sudo gainroot
apt-get install qtwrt

Have fun and feel free to go to the public forum for more questions ;)
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Hybrid application using QML and Qt C++

2010-10-28 19:36 UTC  by  zxz
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Unofficial Qt Web Runtime tutorial 2: Menu API

2010-09-10 22:23 UTC  by  zxz
If there is no API, Qt WRT is merely nothing but a naive web browser. Then what APIs are supported other than standard HTML and JavaScript now? You can first get a list of features already supported, or to be supported in the near future here.
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Unofficial QtWRT tutorial 1: Hello, view modes!

2010-08-18 23:07 UTC  by  zxz
Almost one month ago, we announced Qt Web Runtime, and released some snapshot for N900. Basically, QtWRT is a framework, using which you can write "native" application with standard web technology, e.g. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As a good starting point, you should take a look at this article.
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JavaScript benchmarking on N900 PR1.2

2010-05-30 14:40 UTC  by  zxz
Two months earlier, I did my JavaScript benchmarking on N900 PR1.1, and compare it with other platforms. Now, as N900 PR1.2 got released, Opera has released a preview for Maemo, and Chrome is ported to N900 by Jacekowski, I did another round of benchmarking.

V8SunSpiderPeacekeeper MicroB (default browser)21.235.12128 FireFox21.415.84141 Opera49.524.41119 Qt 4.6.210512.04238 QtWebKit 2.01049.36286 Chrome1138.84344 For V8 and Peacemaker, the higher the score, the better performance it has. For Sunspider, it's the lower the better.

Chrome is really fast as a result of its excellent V8 JavaScript engine and frequent release cycle.

Qt 4.6.2 is still quite good, especially considering the fact that the WebKit integrated is quite old. Note that QtWebKit will be released separately from Qt, meaning we could enjoy more about the latest WebKit technology then.

However, both Opera and FireFox (MicroB uses FireFox's Gecko JavaScript engine) have quite a long way to go. Moreover, when running V8 and Peacekeeper, both MicroB and FireFox complained about unresponsive JavaScript.
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JavaScript benchmarking on N900 and my laptop

2010-03-20 15:11 UTC  by  zxz
I just ran some JavaScript benchmark tests of V8 version 5, SunSpider v0.9.1 and Peacekeeper on my laptop. My laptop is HP EliteBook 6930p, which has Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, 4 GB RAM, running KUbuntu 9.10 with kernel 2.6.31-20-generic. Also, I ran it on my N900 PR1.1 with Qt 4.6.2, and collected some results for iPhone 3GS, Droid and Nexus One, and HTC Desire.

The following scores are from V8, the higher the better.
FireFox for Ubuntu 3.5.8 - 248
Qt 4.6.2 – 910
Chrome 5.0.307.11 Beta – 4155
QtWebKit 2.0 – 2816
N900 - 105
iPhone 3GS - no results
Droid - 39.5
Nexus One - 63.5
HTC Desire - 66.1

Then I found some results of iPhone 3GS for V8 version 3:
N900 - 103
iPhone 3GS - 53

The following scores are from SunSpider, the lower the better.
FireFox for Ubuntu 3.5.8 – 2484.7
Qt 4.6.2 – 1136.0
Chrome 5.0.307.11 Beta – 462.1
QtWebKit 2.0 – 635.6
N900 - 12.5
iPhone 3GS - 16.7
Droid - 34.2
Nexus One - 14.7
HTC Desire - 12.02

The following scores are from Peacekeeper, the higher the better.
FireFox for Ubuntu 3.5.8 – 1510
Qt 4.6.2 – 3261
Chrome 5.0.307.11 Beta – 4324
QtWebKit 2.0 – 4288
N900 - 244

Chrome’s V8 engine is really fast, and WebKit still has a long way to go!

Also, N900 performs much better than iPhone 3GS, Droid and Nexus. Considering HTC Desire, N900 wins easily on V8, but lost a little on SunSpider. However, if you consider MicroB, the default browser on N900, it’s a disaster due to the slow engine of Gecko and N900 even used a pretty old version.

Then the ACID3 test.
FireFox for Ubuntu 3.5.8 – 93
Qt 4.6.2 – 100
Chrome 5.0.307.11 Beta – 100
QtWebKit 2.0 – 100

* The test for QtWebKit 2.0 is done with the revision number of 56441.
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