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Matthew Miller

I mentioned that I have a Pandora client loaded up on my Nokia N900 and then received a couple of Tweets from folks that had the same problem I had at first trying to get up and running with pyPianobar. When you first launch pyPianobar you will be prompted for your username and password. I entered what I thought was my Pandora username and password, but all I entered was the first part of my user ID and not the email username associated with my Pandora account. Unfortunately, I then ended up in a crazy loop where the program would try to restart 3 times and then quit so the application was unusable since there did not appear to be a way to reenter my username. I also found the white text on a white text entry field to be quite poor, especially when my N900 entered the first letter as a capital letter (discovered this later while looking at the config file).

I did a bit of research on the Maemo forums and discovered I could enter in X Terminal and edit the config file using Leafpad. I did this, but still experienced the same looping failure in pyPianobar so even entering the proper username and password into the config file itself wasn’t enough to override pyPianobar’s remembering of my correct credentials.

If you make this same mistake that I did then enter the following command into X Terminal (thanks to Fatalsaint for the help here) and you should be prompted again for your username and password:

rm. -f /home/user/.config/pianobar/config

Make sure to enter your Pandora username as the email address user name you have with your account. I recommend you visit the website on your computer and login to verify your username and password first so you get it right the first time.

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Matthew Miller
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The more I use my Nokia N900 the more I love it, which is what many others I know say as well. The N900 is much more than just a smartphone and is closer to a netbook than a phone, especially with applications and functionality like Firefox Mobile. Up until a couple of years ago I wrapped all of my mobile devices in cases, primarily those with belt clips, but have since moved on to just sliding the phone into my back pocket. Being that the N900 is more of a mobile computer than a phone, I decided to actually consider a case for the N900. The folks at Noreve sent out a press release a couple weeks back and so I decided to give their N900 Tradition leather case a try. They sent along a Sandy Vintage model for me to check out, along with their optional resistant metal belt clip with 360 degrees rotation.

Tradition leather case

As stated on the Noreve website, the characteristics of the tradition leather case include:
  • Access to basic functions (multiple openings on the leather)
  • Practical thanks to its snap closure
  • Slim and padded design
  • Protects the device in an optimal manner
  • Headset speaker with stainless steel mesh protector
  • One business or credit card slot
  • Camera lens access
  • Opening for recharge
  • Headphone access
  • Beautiful interior lining embossed with the Noreve logo
  • Completely removable plastic belt clip included (61303C)
Noreve has 22 Nokia N900 variations, different colors and leather types, to choose from to match just about everyone’s choice and desire. The Sandy Vintage is part of their Exceptional Selection series that uses leather with a special tanning process. The leather has a weathered look and textured finish, not smooth, that is achieve with special oils. The Noreve N900 cases are available now for EURO 39.99/US$56.64 each and come with an optional belt clip attachment. The additional metal belt clip accessory is available for EURO 12.50/US$17.33.
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Matthew Miller

Firefox Mobile for N900 full release 1.0 now available and much faster

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Matthew Miller

I mentioned in some of my Tweets that I am testing out an early version of Barriosquare for the Nokia N900. Barriosquare is a Foursquare application that is coming along very nicely. The developer is releasing updates every couple of days and really making it a very functional and attractive application. Since it is not yet in any Maemo repository I had to actually do a bit of Google searching to figure out how to perform some basic commands in X Terminal to get the supporting utilities and application installed. Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog beat me to the punch with his detailed tutorial of installing a .deb file via X Terminal on the N900. If you don’t understand some of these steps, then you probably shouldn’t be messing around in X Terminal. Remember that everything you do on your N900 is at your own risk and we are not recommending that anyone perform these steps.

Doing things like this actually appeal to me and it is great to see that the N900 has such power, flexibility, and accessibility, don’t you think?

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Matthew Miller

Smartphone Round RobinThis is the final week of the Smartphone Round Robin event and later in the week I will be posting an article on Nokia devices and platforms. Before we get to that though let’s take a look at some highlights from the past several weeks and see what the other Smartphone Experts site editors had to say about Nokia.

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N900 tips & tricks: Another major Witter update adds UI elements and functionsI previously talked about the major improvements in Witter on the N900 and then earlier today the application wasn’t working for me. I then bounced my SIM around a bit at the hospital and late last night discovered a new version of Witter, from Daniel Would, included another major UI and functionality update. One of my suggestions for the next version was to add support for viewing more Tweets and now Daniel added a toggle to select from 20, 50, 100, or 200 Tweets. Perfect!

You will also find major new UI elements with icons for a ton of different functions, including search, friends timeline, trends, public timeline, user history of a specific person, and easy full screen toggle. There is also the ability to authorize Witter via OAuth so that you can have Tweets show up as being sent from Witter instead of just API. Daniel also added in support for custom colors in the timelines so you can play with them and find just what you like.

I have to say that with this latest update, now at version 0.2.2, I am perfectly fine with using my N900 for Twitter on a daily basis. I am also testing out a new Foursquare application in private beta and it is coming along very nicely so the N900 is shaping up to be a good social tool.

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TuneWikiSMPOne of the pieces of software that has me hopping back to my Nexus One rather than sticking just with the Nokia N900 is Slacker streaming radio. We didn’t have anything like this on the N900, until I read this post on The Nokia Blog talking about the new version of TuneWiki SMP now available for FREE in the Ovi Store on the N900. You may already have the TuneWiki widget that shows you the lyrics from songs you have loaded and play on your device, but this new application also lets you play Internet radio and watch music videos with lyrics. Just to clarify, we did have Internet Radio in the Media Player application (I should use this more), but this new TuneWiki client adds more functionality to the experience.

While Internet radio is not as good as a dedicated application like Slacker, it is nice to see some added functionality for free. The TuneWiki application seems to have some slick functionality like searching YouTube for music videos of what you are playing, seeing what others around you are playing using Google Maps and your GPS receiver, and more. Check out The Nokia Blog post for details on the application while I go and download it to my N900 and try it out right now.

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Matthew Miller

I was out on a job in the shipyard the last couple of days and earlier today my wife had some minor surgery so I have been unable to post here on Nokia Experts. Several newsworthy items have crossed my inbox and feeds though and while my wife sleeps in the hospital bed I am getting a chance to catch up a bit. The first bit of news is for a new Nokia competition for the awesome Nokia N900 (check out our Definitive Guide).

Nokia PUSH N900 MOD IN THE USA contest could net you $10,000

The new Nokia PUSH N900 MOD IN THE USA contest rungs from now until 15 February and is inviting US Nokia fans to submit their ideas for morphing the Nokia N900 into something entirely new. The creators of the top three ideas, chosen from a panel of judges, will be provided with a Nokia N900 and some support to build their mod. A representative (and their guest) from each idea creator will then be flown to Vegas for CTIA where the finalists will demo their mod and have a chance to win cash prizes from $3,000 to $10,000.

This type of contest was already held in the global community with five finalists that had a skateboard tracking your tricks, N900 kite, and more. If you think you have an idea, then visit the and submit your idea.

I have been using my N900 for a while now and may personally try to come up with an idea to submit. I am not a developer, but I do have ideas for using the device that may be unique.

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I have mentioned several times that the web browser is so good on the Nokia N900 that you can use it instead of having native applications. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate when I find a good native application to fill a need, such as Witter for Twitter. I finally got around to trying out the web browser method for Google Maps detailed on The Nokia Blog and I have to say it is quite impressive. Through the browser and its integration with your GPS receiver you can get a decent Google Maps experience. However, don’t forget that Nokia Maps was updated with the latest firmware so you now have a couple good mapping and navigation methods on the Nokia N900.

Have you setup Google Maps in the Nokia N900 web browser?

The steps for getting the Google Maps web browser version up and running on your Nokia N900 are as follows:

  1. Launch the Application Manager and then find & install the maemo-geolocation plugin for the default web browser.
  2. Restart your Nokia N900. Needed for the plugin to register in your browser.
  3. Launch the web browser and go to this URL:
You can then tap on the blue dot icon to have the map move to the center of your position (just like the blue dot works on other Google Maps applications). You will find support for satellite, traffic, and Latitude layers enabled via the left Layers icon. Tapping the Menu icon gives you a pop-up for searching the map, getting directions (yes, you can navigate with the web browser and your GPS receiver here), clear the map, and view help & terms of Google Maps.

You can also enable mouse mode with the Google Maps site for more functionality.

I would still like to see a native Google Maps client, but given the rather small market for Maemo I highly doubt we will ever see a version for our N900 devices.

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Matthew Miller

We have been hearing from Chris on Twitter than he was working hard on his Nokia N900 review and we finally get a chance to read all about his thoughts in the Engadget N900 review. I enjoyed the review and appreciated what Chris and Thomas wrote and think they are spot on. The web browser is definitely the shining star of the Nokia N900 and if you are a T-Mobile customer who likes to tinker with smartphones it is an excellent choice. As Chris stated at the end, “it’s a computer with a phone, not a phone that can compute.” Then again, he does point out what I have been saying about how it is an excellent Skype device that works well over data connections.

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Lately I have been bouncing between the Nokia N900 and Google Nexus One. The Nexus One is one of the slickest Google Android devices available and the application support is outstanding. After using it now for almost two weeks I am indeed finding that I am experiencing the 3G/EDGE poor connectivity issues where the device jumps between these two wireless data connections and at times even drops the connection all together. The Nokia N900 on the other hand has outstanding 3G connectivity and is a very solid performer. There are a few applications I want to see on the N900 and as I have talked about before Twitter is important to me. Back in December, I found out about Witter and while it is much more functional than Mauku, there were some parts of the application that were lacking in user interface elements. BTW, Witter has been developed by Daniel Would as a project to see what he could do with Maemo.

N900 tips & tricks: Updated Witter Twitter client has better UI elements

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