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Linus Wallgren

GSoC 2010 Midterm update

2010-07-11 20:02 UTC  by  Linus Wallgren

Thought I would give a status update as it is midterm tomorrow.

Attila notified me the other day that the shepherd source code is up on gitorioius, you can find it here. I have made a clone of the repository with all my work, which can be found here.

As it is just now we get access to the shepherd source the plug-ins haven’t been adapted to work with the shepherd API, which is what I’m working on atm.

I have also run into a bit of trouble as my hard-drive seems to be failing. A while after boot/reboot I stop to be able to access files from the drive, giving me an I/O error at some sector (different depending on the file). Files/binaries which I have previously used and are cached in ram seem to work fine. I’m going to call Acer tomorrow but most likely I’m going to have to buy a new disk myself. As I’m currently in the middle of nowhere (parents summer-house) I’m rather limited in what I can do and as I’m only on a HSDPA connection it will take a couple of hours to download debian, updates, scratchbox, Qt SDK and so on.

Other interesting stuff I have run into since my last update:

  • QtDBus does per default not define an interface for the objects we try to register (I can at least not find out which interface it used). This was fixed by using:
    Q_CLASSINFO("D-Bus Interface", "name.of.interface");
  • It seems alarm_action_set_dbus_args only take an array as arguments
  • If you want to receive a string through DBus with QtDBus it apparently cannot be a std::string, it needs to be a QString
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Linus Wallgren

Progress update

2010-06-09 14:47 UTC  by  Linus Wallgren

I have just completed another example implementation of an action. This time it was the notification.

This means I have working examples for:

  • Trigger – WLAN SSID
  • Trigger – Calendar
  • Action – Change profile
  • Action – Secure device
  • Action – Display a notification
  • Action – Turn radio on/off and switch between 2G/3G

I have only implemented a way to pull information from the calendar, which is not optimal. I would like to have a Qt slot telling me when changes are made as I have done in the SSID trigger but I have not been able to do so yet.

I am also having some troubles with the dbus commands for turning the radio on/off and switching between 2G/3G, I have found the right dbus command but I can’t translate what I found to c++ code. The DBus commands I intend to use is describe here.

My next task will be to tackle getting the geographical position from GPS or Cell towers, I looked into that when I wrote my submission for GSoC, so hopefully it will work out smoothly.

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Linus Wallgren

PR 1.2

2010-05-29 01:33 UTC  by  Linus Wallgren

When the OTA arrived and I tried to install the update it told me to use Nokia Software Updater to flash the device, which ofc didn’t work. It complained about not being able to download the update and got stuck at 33.6 MB. According to the folks at TMO it was nokias fault :)

I also read about people being able to install the update after removing some packages, so I did. When I had removed about 20 applications it actually began to download and install, however when everything was completed and the device rebooted I got a rather peculiar error:

PR1.2 Upgrade fail - Desktop

PR1.2 Upgrade fail - Menu

I then decided it was a bit to much work to debug so I used the maemo flasher and began again.

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Linus Wallgren

Hello World

2010-05-27 22:45 UTC  by  Linus Wallgren

My exams are over and most of my school work is done (need to write some java ee until next week), which means I will finally be able to focus on GSoC.

As you might guess my GSoC project is about improving Shepherd and later on I will publish my accepted proposal.

My progress thus far is rather limited. I have been able to get a working dev-env with scratchbox and the final maemo SDK up and running. I have installed and configured a blog-thingy and I have been able to compile and run some Qt applications. As I have no previous experience with Qt and no work experience with c++ I figure it will take some time for me to really get started.

I have found several sources of information that can be utilized for the actions/triggers I plan to implement. My next step is to build the ground of what will become the wlan-ssid trigger. I found the method allConfigurations() in QNetworkConfigurationManager which with the right filter should give me all avalible wlans. It does also seem that the same method could give me a trigger for other types of internet connections aswell, as GPRS och HSDPA for example.

With the release of PR1.2 Qt 4.6 is introduced, something almost required for my work and also shepherd. However I have failed to upgrade my device :( . The app manager tells me that I have to use Nokia software updater but when I tried that it failed with some error about not being able to download the update.

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