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Better than surfing on the Web from everywhere is doing it all on your way ! On that regard, Firefox is really a pioneer: its robust Addon backend and online support make possible to customize your browsing experience in a few clicks. think that Browser-extras project is a way to go in order to get MicroB closer to Firefox.

From an user point of view, I see it as a really great and promissing initiative but how about from a MicroB extension developer's prospective ?

Some differences between MicroB's Addon system and Firefox' one make extension development for MicroB a bit more painful then it should: Firefox counts on some built-in mozilla technologies that are disabled in compile time in microb-engine:

  • XBL (XML Binding Language): "an XML-based markup language used to declare the behavior and look of XUL Widgets and XML Elements".
  • XUL: Firefox' UI language.
  • Overlay: "XUL files used to describe extra content in the UI".
  • XPI support: only .deb

We lack manpower to improve this development environment specifically ... =/ But the project is on regardless that, work is being done, and some results are already out there.

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com

MicroB community development building

2007-08-30 10:15 UTC  by  tonikitoo
Some nice ongoing work happening around MicroB Browser (mozilla for maemo): Browser-Extras is a good example:
  • Nice Firefox extensions for MicroB: follow it here ;)

ps: pics from leoz' blog.

--Antonio Gomes
So, since Monday (Jun/25) I've been in São Carlos (São Paulo) in order to get in touch with Marcio Galli (taboca - thanks for the hospitality) and brainstorm about some ideas we have. In resume, what I can say is it was very productive trip.

Marcio has been involved with web technologies and mainly Mozilla stuff since early Netscape times (back to 1997 or so), so his background in his area is notable. Basically, we talked about some general MiniMo issues, like usability and features, as well as ways of pushing it to Linux devices (maybe OpenMoko ?).

In that sense, I could show him MiniMo running on the n800 device, and I asked him about what could be done (UI-wise) to improve n800 users' web surfing experience. I got good input on this, and I hope to be packing them up in minimo 0.21 for maemo soon.

The last day (Jun/27) was the best one. I got some minimo upstream Linux specific bugs under my responsibility, which is great and will take me definitively to the XUL world. Furthermore, Offline Browsering and OS Firefox were subjects of a nice talk we had in taboca's office. I will be blogging about it specifically soon as well. Loooooots of ideas came up .....

Happily, I could also participate to the Mozilla Community Build Brazil, an community effort event which intends to learn more about Internet habits of specific countries and find out local ways to spread and increase market share of Firefox in them. It is been headed by Asa and JT from Mozilla. Here are some pics of it. They realized, for example, the potential of orkut in Brazil, and so why not making "Firefox as an easier Orkut tool" for almost 20 million users here ;).

Btw, I will be working on a Firefox extension for orkut my free time (more about it later on) !!!

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com


Minimo 0.2 on OLPC

2007-05-24 09:34 UTC  by  tonikitoo
Today Francisco Keppler and I took a free time off to check the feasibility of running Minimo on OLPC and these what we got:

minimo on OLPC

hack hack hack ...

Nice, isn't it ? Results are really promissing: minimo fits to the environment, scrolls fast and it is now very user friendly. Well, it is basically a raw version on minimo 0.2 (pulled down from MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH on Mozilla CVS) running on a debian running a OLPC hardware (by francisco keppler).

ps: a HOWTO is coming ...
ps2: minimo maemo port 0.2 is coming soon as well ;)

BOSSA - Browser Lunch BOF

2007-03-26 09:17 UTC  by  tonikitoo
During the BOSSA conference we had a very productive discussion about browser trends in mobile/embedded market, some Mozilla plans in this regard (not only minimo=), as well as ideas for pushing minimo on linux embedded, SoC projects (???) and so on. It was there Ilias, Henry, Anderson and I (from INdT) and Chris Hoffman and Marcio Galli (from Mozilla).
  • Porting some WinCE specific features to linux:
    • Context sensitive menus (partially done)
    • minimo/components/gps/
    • minimo/components/softkb (ported to maemo already)
    • minimo/components/phone/
    • minimo/components/device/
  • SoC:
    • "webpage content summary": a graph model of a single web page is made up of hundreds of basic elements that are linked to each other in a very complex manner. Such structure is similar to the whole Internet, which is also made up of many interrelated web pages. The main point here is applying Information Retrieval techniques into webpages, providing a content zoomed page. Focus: reduced screen mobile devices.
    • Development of mobile web applications which use FOF for relationship networks.
  • Joey Project: Marcio, Doug and Chis are behind this.
  • Launching Minimo 0.2 . They believe minimo has reached a mature enough stage so that it can get launched ... lets wait ! ;)
  • "Local web served widgets as a means to access the OS built-in apps and
    functions". It rocks, but I can talk much ... ;)
  • Usability improvements of minimo for not-so-educed-screen devices, like n800 and n770. Some SVG stuff already done by Marcio, and already available at newest minimo maemo port releases. What else do we need ?
Well, time to put hands on them.

--Antonio Gomes

BOSSA conference was a success

2007-03-18 10:33 UTC  by  tonikitoo
From March 12th to 14th, BOSSA conference took place in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil, one of the sites of INdT. It was a great experience for all who attended, from both the technical and non-technical point of views: high quatily talks during the days, and *free* dinners, parties and delicious food and drinks after that.
  • 1st Day:
    • Milko Boic's talk about "Building Digital Media Solutions with Helix DNA Client" - specially the demos part - showed how powerful this open source multimedia framework is. However, what really paid me attention was its robust plugin-able capabilities. After the talk, I came to him and asked if he was aware of any work being done around an embeddable Helix based plugin for mozilla browsers, and he said there are some already , and I am going to follow them :-).
    • Chris Hoffman's talk about "Minimo: lessons learned, and New directions for Mozilla Mobile Development" was the best of the day (at least for me). He pointed out
      • the evolution of Minimo and Firefox in the market share;
      • pictures of minimo getting mature since its conception;
      • some problems of web sites design in the mobile world;
      • plans of mozilla for for reduced resource devices. VERY COOL !!!
  • 2nd Day:
    • Win Taymans (Gstreamer), John (J5) Palmieri (D-Bus Desktop Glue - reshaping our thinking of application development from embedded to the desktop) and the showman Marcelo Oliveira/INdT (Canola) both proofed how simple and efficient their technologies are.
    • Furthermore, Chis Hoffman (Mozilla), Marcio Galli (Mozilla), Ilias (INdT) and I (INdT) had a productive talk about how we can push minimo and mozilla to linux based embedded devices during a "Browser Lunch BOF". Btw, I am going to blog about in separate.
    • Juho Paasonen (Interaction design in open source environment: introducing the Movial Widescreen UI) was very interesting as well, showing some cool GL-like stuff.
  • 3rd Day:
    • Johan Bilien (latest evolutions on Hildon) and Johan Dahlin
      (PyGTK) were the highlights.

To be continued ... =)

--Antonio Gomes


Patching minimo

2007-03-09 11:49 UTC  by  tonikitoo
Dougt from MiniMo has improved and checked in a patch I sent to him applied against the spatial navigation mozilla extension.

** new minimo maemo port release is coming.

** we are heading to BOSSA 2007 =) !!!!!

--Antonio Gomes

What is about to come ???? - update

2006-11-24 03:36 UTC  by  tonikitoo
Follows a list of features I'll be working for minimo maemo port for the next couple days:

  • Add hardware key support (especially zoom_in/out and fullscreen).
  • Updating minimo through default Maemo's Application Manager has problems.
  • implement context sensitive menus for a stylus-oriented device.
  • missing "home bar". (where is it ???)
  • bookmark are not being properly persisted. (not yet implemented in minimo ???)
  • Hack built-in flash plugin to make it work with minimo.
  • make proxy work for FTP and HTTPS protocols.
  • default home setting does not work.
  • investigate crash on - maybe certificate ?
  • problems inputting hebrew, russian, finish characters via vkb.
minor ones:
  • clipboard operations (cut, copy and paste)
  • track mozilla bug (minimo exits crashing if X button if pressed)
  • try to fix download dialog crash.
  • 'open file' does not work.
  • remove 'pushd/popd' commands from run-minimo script uses - they seem to be not supported. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • proxy are not being set properly via vkb. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • keep tarsbar on the top on fullscreen mode by default. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • add menu item for toggle on/off spatial navigation / scrolling via arrow buttons. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • remove 'enable ssr' and 'Set minimo as default browser' check buttons from preferences-general tab. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • addind back ' X' button for tab closing. (FIXED in 0.16.8-2)
  • look for a rotate screen solution.

ps : this list might grow up. It depends only on your feedback. Feel free to suggest anything.

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com

Newest minimo coming with patches available.

2006-11-19 12:15 UTC  by  tonikitoo
Wow, after a "busy" Sunday (actually I woke up at 2 PM :)) I finally I got newest mozilla minimo cvs snapshot (18th Nov) built on maemo i386 environment. Even better, I got all my patches uptodated as well as a directory struture for building it. It looks like:

[sbox-maemo2-i386: ~/minimo/newest] > ls -R minimo/newest/


armel-specific failed general maemo-specific old ongoing

buildfix_lots.diff buildfix_missing_chk_files.diff buildfix_preparea_and_dispatch_arm_sbox.diff old

075_OPTIMIZATIONS_xpcom_arm.diff 145_MAEMO_cs_mthumb_hack.diff 185_MAEMO_CODESOURCERY_hack_prdtoa.diff buildfix_shligsign_arm_sbox.diff

185_MAEMO_CODESOURCERY_hack_prdtoa.diff minimo_shared.patch

ongoing runfix_encryto.diff runfix_gtkmozembed.diff


adding_debian_folder.diff adding_maemo_specific_files.diff disable_ssr_component.diff fullscreen_stuff_and_disable_google_view.diff prefs.diff softkb.diff~
adding_maemo_specific_code.diff bigger_menu_default_font_size.diff fix_loggin_bustage_mika.diff linking_against_dbus_and_osso_stuff.diff softkb.diff

adding_debian_folder.diff psm_working_on_minimo.diff.bak update_linux_package.patch


I am building it to armel right now, tomorrow I will see how good it runs on maemo 2.1. Hopefully, minimo will also
completely move to garage.maemo soon. Keep tuned.

--Antonio Gomes