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Luca Ognibene

Dear lazyweb..

2008-10-22 01:39 UTC  by  Luca Ognibene
0 can i do something like:

widget = gtk_file_chooser_widget_new(GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_OPEN);

with hildon file manager? I want to embed a file chooser in another dialog.. is it possible?
thank you!
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Luca Ognibene
Some time ago i found a very cool tip from this blog ( a simple and easy function to convert ftom a gtkuimanager menubar to a gtkmenu. We need to do this because hildon_window_set_menu requires a GtkMenu. Let see the source:

static GtkWidget *
menubar_to_menu (GtkUIManager *ui_manager) {
GtkWidget *main_menu;
GtkWidget *menubar;
GList *iter;

/* Create new main menu */
main_menu = gtk_menu_new();

/* Get the menubar from the UI manager */
menubar = gtk_ui_manager_get_widget (ui_manager, "/MenuBar");

iter = gtk_container_get_children (GTK_CONTAINER (menubar));
while (iter) {
GtkWidget *menu;

menu = GTK_WIDGET (iter->data);
gtk_widget_reparent(menu, main_menu);

iter = g_list_next (iter);
return main_menu;

And you can use it this way:

ui = gtk_ui_manager_new ();
hildon_window_set_menu(HILDON_WINDOW(window), GTK_MENU(menubar_to_menu (ui)));
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Luca Ognibene

homebank 4.0b-6 is ready!

2008-10-18 10:46 UTC  by  Luca Ognibene
As some of you may have noticed i've released a new version of homebank, main fixes are:
- fixed more too large dialogs
- moved from gtk file chooser to hildon file chooser
some brave itt users have already tested this version so i'm now telling it to the main public! i'll wait more positive reports and then i'll promote this version (or the next one with more fixes) to extras.
thank you very much to everyone who tested this anf older versions. my next blog posts will be about some tips while porting a gtk app to maemo.
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Luca Ognibene

new homebank version

2008-10-15 07:28 UTC  by  Luca Ognibene
hi all! i've just uploaded homebank-4.0b-5 to diablo extras-devel. Changelog:
- fixed stats report window
- fixed manage transactions window
- added dependency to libofx to enable OFX support
- fixed packages

get it from extras-devel while it's hot! And feel free to donate something if you want!

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Luca Ognibene

Porting HomeBank to maemo

2008-10-08 09:54 UTC  by  Luca Ognibene
i've started porting homebank to maemo.. what i have done:
* compiled for arm/maemo
* hildonized (fullscreen, menu, toolbar) main, account and new transaction window
* converted svg icons to png (maemo doesn't seem to like svg icons)
* created deb infrastructure

it seems to work fine! now i have to port my data from gnucash to homebank.. will do!

what remains to be done:
* create a garage project
* add application to extras
* contact homebank author so we can merge my work

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