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Andrew Black

I wrote this guide to help someone get a icon theme package made and I decided to share it so anyone else who has a custom icon pack and get them into extras. This guide has been used to build the new Faenza icon pack so we know it works but please let me know if anything can be enhanced to make it better.

Guide to Building a icon source package.

This guide should work on any OS all you just make sure if you’re using windows you don’t edit the files using a standard windows text editor you want to use something like Notepad++ or SciTE.

Install Software

-py2deb [ apt-get install python2.5-py2deb]
-Download here
-Download index.theme here

Computer (Windows Only)
- Notepad++ or SciTE

Signup for Garage account here

Request Extras Repo Upload Permissions here

Prepare Icon Theme Source you need to setup the right folder structure so create the following folder inside of each other.

usr > share > icons > icon-theme

Edit index.theme replace [ ] and text on line 2 and 3

Place index.theme in icon-theme folder

Now place your icons that you are replacing in the same folder you found them in hicolor (ie 48×48/hildon, 48×48/apps, 48×48/mimetypes)

You only need to include the custom icons any icons you don’t include will be pulled from the hicolor folder.

Open in text editor

Enter information anywhere you see [ ]. Remember to delete the [ ] also.

Connect N900 to your computer in Mass Storage Mode

Open File Manager and Navigate to N900 Drive

Create a folder named – Build

Open Build folder

Create a folder named after your icon theme (we will use the name icon-theme for ours.

Open [the newly created] icon-theme Folder

Upload your file. [into the newly created icon-theme folder]

Upload your icon theme package icon [into /MyDocs/Build/icon-theme/]

Create folder named src [inside /MyDocs/Build/icon-theme/]

Open src folder

Upload your icon theme source [to this src folder, maintaining correct folder structure of usr/share/icons/icon-theme/64x64 etc ]

Close file manager and unplug N900

Open Terminal

cd /MyDocs/Build/icon-theme (replace icon-theme with your theme name)


You will see a lot of stuff fly by and you will have to hit enter 4 times

You will see ~/MyDocs/Build/icon-theme when you’re done

Close terminal

Connect N900 to computer in Mass Storage Mode

Go to
Follow steps to upload source packages that are located in /Build/icon-theme folder on your N900 Drive.

Wait for email that the build is complete

Go to

Search for the package name you gave.

Look and wait for it to be imported to extras-devel

Enable extras-devel

Install Package

Set with Theme Customizer


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Andrew Black

Maemo-org Theme v2.0.1-9 is now in Testing

2010-11-04 03:54 UTC  by  Andrew Black

Just finished knocking out some bugs and 2.0.1-9 is now in testing.  Please post any bugs you find.  Fixed Media Player Buttons, returned phone dial pad keys to the older look.  Returned icon boarders to old look.  Also fixed calendar applet.  Plus MORE icons!

Vote Now!!

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Andrew Black

Maemo-org Theme 2.0.1

2010-11-03 09:08 UTC  by  Andrew Black

I just pushed Maemo-org Theme 2.0.1 to Extras-testing.  Please vote by going here.  Changes for 2.0.1 include fixes for Pr1.2 Virtual Keyboard, minor bugs.   Plus an all new icon set created by shazosbourne and me.  Right now it includes over 300 icons and more everyday.  I play on releaseing an update atleast once a week with more icons and I ask that if you would like to have any applications icon redone to match the theme please post here.  If you can send a copy of the themes icon that would be great.  If not please just let me know what applicaitons you want icons done for. 

Maemo-org Theme was once the most downloaded theme on Extras and I want to make it that way once again, but I need your help go download and vote for the package.

3 Know bugs:

Calendar Applet Icon – White on White will be fixed next release
Alarm Times – Alarm times on all custom themes I tried are scrambled when not checked.
Phone buttons don’t have glossy look will be fixed in next release.


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Andrew Black

Are Clock Apps Maemos Fart Apps?

2010-11-02 03:37 UTC  by  Andrew Black

As I see someone else posting another new Clock application I can’t help but wonder why.  Left me first say I love all the Maemo developers out there, as a Theme Maker I consider myself a developer.  I just don’t understand why everyone is making some many Clock/Timer apps.  Some of them are so close that I would almost say that people have taken someone else’s code and just changed the name of the application. 

I understand that for several people their first application might be a clock or hello world.  Just remember just because you write it doesn’t mean you have to release it to extras.  Since many/most of these clock apps are open source why are people not just working on one clock application and contributing the code.  If you took the time it took the dozen or so people who have made clock/timer apps and had all the programming knowledge in one application that would be the ultimate clock program. 

Maybe as we start to move on to Meego we will have better sharing and working together to make 1 or 2 great applications and now 12 – 24 just OK ones.  Also can we get at least one fart app?

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Andrew Black

Review – Theme Customizer

2010-10-20 07:07 UTC  by  Andrew Black

Its rare that I review someone else’s theme work because I rarely uses someone else’s themes.  As I am sure most of theme designers use one of there themes.  I did how ever notice when D-Iivil released his Plastic Theme that came with a settings page to change some things around.  I though man that would be cool to have on my themes because I’m always getting people asking me to tweek certain font colors or sizes, remove icon backgrounds and many other things.   In the past I stayed away from making several versions of my themes to make these people happy. 

I talked to D-Iivil once about making a Scheme for the Plastic Theme that looked like maemo-org theme but used his settings window.  Soon after that I took a break for Maemoand theming.  I just recently got started back up and I saw his new Theme Customizer that does what the Plastic Theme did plus more.  I was so excited I installed it right away and started playing with some of my themes.  I even used this to fix a bug on one of my unreleased themes that caused text to be unreadable do to font color. 

This application really is one everyone needs on there N900.  Check out the Screenshot and Features List below then check out the t.m.o thread here

Here is a list of things you can change using Theme Customizer

- change system font family
- change system font size
- change font colors
- save, load and delete color presets
- change icon theme
- change application shortcut sizes at homescreen
- show or hide the backgrounds for application shortcuts at homescreen
- change web bookmarks sizes at homescreen
- adjust snap to grid value at homescreen
- import .ttf and .otf fonts to be used with the device
- change opacity of built-in homescreen widgets
- change background image for clock, app manager, lockscreen and media player

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Andrew Black

Pr 1.3 and Meego

2010-10-14 10:11 UTC  by  Andrew Black

 I have taken several months away from my N900 due to the fact that Meego was coming.  I saw Maemo as a dead platform.  I still do see Maemo in that way but not the N900.  I have been tinkering with designing a Meego theme for a little while now but haven’t done much until recently.  Now with the announcement of Dual Booting Maemo and Meego I have starting digging into Meego theming even more.  I hope to have a Meego Theme done very soon even though the control panel to change themes wont be in Meego until Meego 1.2. 

I can’t wait to give Meego a try and get some Meego themes out.  I’ll keep everyone updated on the status of my first Meego theme.

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Andrew Black

“Anyone to lazy to read the following blog post short story is the grass is not greener on the other side and I’m going to be using my N900 in connection with several devices now.”

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Andrew Black

Ovi Theme Beta Testers.

2010-04-15 01:45 UTC  by  Andrew Black

I’m looking for 10 to 20 people who would like to beta test my Ovi Themes.  I would like people from beginner to Maemo experts.  You will be given early access to the themes and receive them for free once they are finished.  All I ask is that you install and test at least 50% of all the themes I release a month.  If you fail to test 50% a month you will be removed as a tester.  I will also request that you submit a small review of the app any bugs, color issues, or viewing issues.

If your interested please let me know by email or site contact form.  PS First theme is almost ready for testing.

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Andrew Black

maemo-org Theme Most Downloaded Maemo5 Theme!

2010-04-13 17:06 UTC  by  Andrew Black

I was looking over today and noticed that my maemo-org theme has been downloaded 51,272 times as of me writting this.  With just over 7,000,000 downloads total for maemo5 that means the maemo-org theme makes up about 0.74% of total downloads from the repo.  That number might look small but if you consider that I’m talking about 1 application out of hundreds 0.74% is a big number.  Numbers like this is what makes a theme designer want to keep working.  To know that thousands of people have downloaded my work means alot to me.

While I’m here just me just put a heads up out to everyone on whats going on with me.  I’ve been working very hard on themes and looking into the Ovi Store.  Right now I am working on 3 themes that should be released within the next few weeks I am holding off until Pr1.2 for them since they will be going to the Ovi Store. 

First is my Star Trek theme.  I’m not going to call this a real Lcars theme since it ended up being very hard to make the lcars interface for the n900.  Instead I have used lcars colors and design for the buttons and many tool bars on the device.  I have also included some other star trek elements in the theme.  The theme will also come with a lcars wallpaper along with several other wallpaper packs that will be on my site for free downlaod.

Second I am alomst done with my Classic Batman Colors theme.  The theme is covered with the classic batman blue and grey.  Due to copywrites the wallpapers will be someone generic but some nice free batman wallpapers will be on my site.

Third is the first in my College Colors theme Series, I decided to do Alabama Crimson Tide as my first theme.  It will be covered in Crimson and Grey.  Once again due to copywrites I will not include the wallpapers with Alabamas logo on them but will release some free ones on my site. 

After these three themes are released I will start doing Variants of them for Differant school, and comic book stars.  Please feel free to suggest anything you would like.  I have also decided on a $1 price point for all my ovi themes.  I had been cosidering $2 but I feel that $1 is more then a fair price for my work and that way we are both getting a good deal.

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the support.

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Andrew Black

After 24 hours to think about my blog post yesterday and talking with several members of the community I have decided to write a follow up that many of you asked for.  I’m not changing much from what I said yesterday just clarifying some.

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My Place in Community Changing today.

2010-04-05 17:01 UTC  by  Andrew Black

I feel as if I have been somewhat of a leader in the community the past few years.  I have helped get some things done, like Theme and Design section of forums, and minimalist theme.  I have helped lots of people with theme issues.  I have helped with Mer and have gone to several Events to spread the word about Maemo.  I have release well over a dozen themes.  I have done all this for the community I have spent hundreds of hours working late into the night to produce quality work.  I have almost always felt like I my work was appreciated until now.  I feel that due to posts like these and more, Post 1, Post 2

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Premium Themes and Theme Package Service

2010-03-26 19:50 UTC  by  Andrew Black

Premium Themes

In the past I have always done open source themes because I feel it is my way of giving back to the community but with people starting to charge for Maemo software and theme I find it hard to just give away all my work.  Its kind of funny I have had several site in the last few years and not once received one donation for any of my work.  It seems people don’t like to donate, if something is free then they don’t want to pay for it.  If a theme or program cost then they don’t mind paying for it.  So in the next few weeks I will release my first Closed Source theme.  I have not decided how it will be released but it will most likly sold through my site and not the Ovi Store.  I know that once someone gets the deb they will be able to just pass it on to other people but I hope they wont.  I will either sell my themes one at a time for $1-$2, Subscription based where I will put out 1 new theme a month for $10 a year, or I will sell a one time fee download all the themes you want for around $15 I might do a mix of 1 theme for $1 or download all you want for $15 I’m not sure yet.  I will keep you updated as I decide.

I will still do lots of free themes so don’t worry

Theme Package Service

Second I have have some people either ask me to package themes for them and just some themes people asking anyone to package it for them.  I have and still help people all the time learn how to use MADDE to package their own themes but some people just don’t want to learn to do it them self.  So to help those people who don’t want to learn to do it I am going to offer a Theme Package Service.  I will take your source either in template form or already sliced images in a archive and package the theme for you in deb and or source package format.  The fee for this service will be $10 per package.  If theme needs to be repackagedbecause I did something wrong then I will do that free of charge.  The fee may be paid by the theme maker or anyone who wants to use the theme.  To donate to having a theme packaged just use Donate button on right.  Make sure to let me know which theme you are donating to.  If a theme gets more then $10 donated to it I will keep track and apply left over money to future repackaging of same theme. 

Any money not reported for being for a certain theme is considered a regular donation.  Thank you.

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