Videocenter with mplayer

Posted on 2007-09-08 10:06:55 UTC.

This is the application I’ve been waiting for. But it has abug (or a feature) that needs some knowledge to bypass.

So the idea of this program is to be able to watch vidcasts & live TV easily on the go. A feature that I almost decided to implement myself :) But because this program uses the internal mediaplayer for videos, it doesn’t support all the shows I want.

Luckily there’s a option in the settings to use external player.


To use mplayer for example, just enter this path to the box:

/usr/sbin/mplayer -cache 1024 %s

The “cache” is optional but it’ll make mplayer stream those videos much more smoothly.

The tricky part is to use that external player. If you just press the “>>”-button, the video will start in the internal player even though external is selected. To launch the stream in mplayer you’ll have to go to internet videos screen, select the video and go to “menu->file->stream video”. That’s all there’s to it.


Thanks again for the great application.