Introduction to maemo Technology Overview

Internet Tablets made by Nokia run on top of the maemo™ platform. This material gives you an overview of the maemo platform architecture and shows what are the components and their functions inside the platform that runs on the Internet Tablet. Maemo is based on a Debian Linux, so it is quite logical that the material covers some basics of the generic Linux architecture also. This material does not include code examples, but some basic knowledge of programming is necessary to understand the concepts described within material.

Target audience: software developers who are planning to develop applications or services on top of the maemo platform.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge on C or C++ programming, general operating system concepts (especially Linux), open source licenses and related IPR issues.

This version of the material covers maemo SDK version 4.x.

More information about the maemo training material is available from maemo training wiki pages ( maintained by maemo community. Notice that the information in maemo wiki is not verified by Nokia and thus Nokia cannot be responsible of that information.

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