dnearyHi there14:36
dnearybergieIKS: You're in!14:36
bergieIKSdneary: I hope so :-)14:39
bergieIKSthese networks that try to block everything are no fun14:40
dnearywell, they're fun to get around ;)14:42
crashanddiethey do it for good reason14:51
crashanddieapparently someone wrote an IRC spambot that uses mibbit as a gateway to IRC14:51
crashanddieweb-irc.org seems to work nicely, I'm pretty sure there's a handful of other web-based services like this one14:53
bergieIKSyeah, I'm on web-irc now14:54
dnearyhi all14:59
dnearyEveryone in?14:59
X-FadeHaven't seen glaubert yet.14:59
dnearyNo timsamoff, no glaubertoliveira14:59
dnearyNo tero?14:59
dnearyLet's wait a couple of minutes, & get going15:02
dnearyAnyone under time pressure today?15:02
bergieIKSwell, I have an RL meeting at the same time, so expect slow replies15:02
crashanddieI'm at a company wide conference15:03
crashanddieso people think I'm taking notes when really I'm just replying15:03
-!- tekojo [n=tekojo@] has joined #maemo-meeting15:03
dnearyhi tekojo15:04
-!- timsamoff [n=46f3ff0a@] has joined #maemo-meeting15:05
timsamoffSorry I'm late -- digging out from under snow.15:05
dnearyGlaubert's online on Jabber, but not answering for the moment - let's start without him15:05
dnearytimsamoff: No worries, we haven't started yet15:05
tekojodneary: Hi almost missed this15:05
-!- acunha [n=acunha@] has joined #maemo-meeting15:05
dnearyOK - X-Fade, bergieIKS - how've things gone this week?15:05
dnearyHi acunha15:05
dnearyWhat do you need in terms of content, and design work?15:06
bergieIKSdneary: we had a little overlap with X-Fade because I was offline over the weekend15:06
dnearyHave either of you heard from Glaubert this week?15:06
acunhaJust a sec, im contacting glaubert15:06
bergieIKSI haven't heard anything15:06
dnearyThanks acunha15:07
dnearyLooking at newstyle.maemo.org it looks to be coming along15:08
X-FadeI started to implement the style on the website..15:08
X-FadeIt still needs a lot of work :)15:08
X-FadeAnd I need to get a lot of pictures cut up in to parts.15:09
dnearyI am under the impression that the new pages will all need some kind of custom development - is that fair?15:09
dnearyX-Fade: I can do the picture cutting up, if you point me at the graphics and cut sizes you need15:10
X-Fadedneary: And the related CSS magic of course ;)15:10
bergieIKSdneary: yeah, every page that has distinct design needs its own template in CMS15:10
bergieIKSdneary: regarding newstyle.maemo.org we ran into some caching issues that I will investigate and try to solve for tomorrow... now there are issues with sharing templates between the new and old styles15:11
timsamoffbergieIKS & dneary -- hopefully, this will be kept at a minimum (I can think of four distinct designs).15:11
bergieIKStimsamoff: agreed, the less separate designs, the easier this is to implement and maintain15:11
X-Fadetimsamoff: Yeah, frontpage, news, planet, downloads, regular content..15:11
X-FadeAh and profile.15:12
timsamoffX-Fade: Ok, that's 5. ;)15:12
timsamoffMaybe we could think about how to cut it down a little?15:12
X-Fadetimsamoff: But that is a minor issue, really..15:12
bergieIKSnews and planet *could* use same design15:13
dnearyX-Fade: With regular content, the development work is done, it's pure stylesheet manipulation, right?15:13
timsamoffI almost thing News, Planet, and Regular could be the same... With some minor tweaks.15:13
X-Fadedneary: And adding the proper divs etc..15:14
dnearyAnd hopefully with Downloads we can do the same to start with - I like the current downloads page15:14
dnearySo we're left with the front page, Support, Development, Community15:14
dneary(the new pages)15:14
dnearyplus some re-working with Planet, News, and regular15:14
dnearyAnd Downloads15:14
X-FadeSupport, development and community are regular content pages.15:15
bergieIKSdneary: X-Fade is on Downloads, I'm on Planet/News15:15
dnearyacunha: Any luck finding glaubert?15:15
bergieIKSX-Fade: they seem to have some "area front page" designs, no?15:15
acunhanot really15:15
X-FadeThose pages can be edited in the editor.15:15
X-FadeThey don't require dynamic loading of components etc..15:15
dnearybergieIKS: I would have thought that Community, Support and Development would be the most work15:15
bergieIKSX-Fade: I'd split them up in multiple editable areas so there is less risk of messing stuff up in TinyMCE15:16
X-FadebergieIKS: Ah yes, we do have some dynamic stuff. Ok..15:17
timsamoff(bergieIKS: Speaking of TinyMCE... It's a real pain to use in Midgard: alters all sorts of editing and isn't consitent between html & wysiwyg.)15:17
X-Fadetimsamoff: If you know a better wysiwyg editor, please let us know..15:17
bergieIKStimsamoff: when you save things, we push them through HTML_Purifier. The rules affecting that can be tweaked15:18
bergieIKSnow I think we use the default set15:18
dnearyX-Fade, bergieIKS: What I don't really have a good idea of now is a time-frame15:18
timsamoffOne of the main "issues" is that it adds a space after any href.15:19
timsamoffAnyway... It's OT. ;)15:19
dnearyNot just the list of stuff that needs to get done, but how much time they'll take, and what's top priority, and second priority15:19
bergieIKSdneary: I need to solve couple of technical issues for X-Fade so we can move forward tomorrow morning15:19
bergieIKSthen I think we can make most of it clickable and "sort of working" in a day or two15:19
bergieIKSat least from my PoV15:19
X-FadeAnd we will have a maintenance break tomorrow where we will upgrade midgard..15:19
dnearyI have an impression that the way I'm thinking about this isn't the same as the way you guys are - I don't have the same perspective on what needs doing (to me, midgard's this magic black box that stuff comes out of)15:20
bergieIKSdneary: it is a magic black box ;-)15:20
X-Fadedneary: follow -commits?15:20
bergieIKSdneary: this is the place where the new stuff lands when ready for commit/testing... https://garage.maemo.org/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php/midgard-data/style/maemo2009/?root=maemo2midgard15:21
dnearyX-Fade: I do follow -commits15:21
X-FadeAnyway, I need the requested graphical elements and some CSS parts. Then can really proceed with the implementation..15:21
dnearyBut that doesn't tell me how long you think it'll take before you've got the template for the Support page, or the Documentation page, or how long it'll take you to fix issues with the standard midgard templates15:21
dnearyIf you see what I mean15:21
bergieIKSdneary: we're starting with the standard stuff, as everything derives from that15:22
X-Fadedneary: True. But now the basics aren't done yet.15:22
-!- glaubertsouza_ [n=glaubert@] has joined #maemo-meeting15:22
glaubertsouza_Hi Every one15:22
dnearyHi glaubertsouza_15:22
dnearybergieIKS: OK15:22
dnearyX-Fade, bergieIKS: And you think that updating the standard stuff will be done this week?15:23
X-Fadedneary: Yes, that should be doable..15:23
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-!- timsamoff [n=46f3ff0a@] has joined #maemo-meeting15:24
dnearyOK, cool15:24
dnearyglaubertsouza_: How're things coming along with the pixmap design?15:24
dnearyHave you settled on a nice theme?15:25
glaubertsouza_I`ve made half of them15:26
dnearyWould you mind uploading them to the wiki as you're working on them, so that I have an idea of your progress, please?15:27
glaubertsouza_I want to post them by friday15:27
bergieIKSwhich designs are these?15:28
dnearyglaubertsouza_: I'd really like to see the work in progress, if you don't mind - or at least, if you could add to the wiki which ones you're working on, that would be helpful15:28
dnearybergie: Task:Improving maemo.org/Graphics15:28
bergieIKSah, ok15:28
X-Fadeand https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Improving_maemo.org/Design_requested15:29
dnearyX-Fade: I don't think Glaubert's been working on that specifically15:30
X-Fadedneary: No, but at least he should know that they are there?15:30
dnearyglaubertsouza_: For the person template, X-Fade had some ideas for what should be in the compact & extended versions - online status, name, karma, photo15:31
dnearyX-Fade: Yes, indeed.15:31
X-FadeAlso, did we decide on the sidebar menu decorations yet. Which one should we pick. The first design or the latter one?15:34
X-Fadefirst: https://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Planet_Maemo.png second: https://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Download_v_02.png15:35
timsamoffMy vote is for the second.15:35
dnearyMe too15:36
dnearyglaubertsouza_, acunha: Opinions?15:36
bergieIKSsame here, it is much cleaner15:36
X-FadeWell, I'm for the second one too. 15:36
X-FadeAnd it is a lot less work too ;)15:36
glaubertsouza_the second works better for me15:36
X-FadeWe'll have to see how add a secondary level though..15:37
acunhathe second one lokos very nice15:37
timsamoff(Although, I don't like the style of the sidebar "buttons" under the sidebar menu -- it's too bulky/busy.)15:37
glaubertsouza_and its esyer...15:37
bergieIKSsecond and third levels should be designed at least15:37
timsamoffX-Fade: You can use an "accordion: style jquery method.15:37
X-Fadetimsamoff: Yes, but doesn't that make pages a lot heavier to render?15:38
timsamoffNot really -- it's a singl js link and text/css.15:38
timsamoff(That link is just *one* example.)15:39
dnearyOK - issues15:39
dnearybergieIKS, X-Fade: Anything slowing you down? Anything you need help with this year? Any content you need written, specifically?15:40
X-Fadedneary: Content can be added without touching the styles.15:41
X-FadeSo, we don't _need_ that..15:41
glaubertsouza_It`s a cool thing, you can condense the content, to fit on the page, but I didnt kown how long, or how difficult and have it would be.!15:41
dnearyBut if you're using dolorem ipsum for pages, it'd be better to start working out what content's going to be there15:41
X-FadeBut if you want to add content, then it should be available of course :)15:41
dnearyAnd that would allow me to be working on stuff for the new design in parallel to you guys15:41
X-Fadedneary: I'm now only working on the live test site.15:41
X-FadeWith the current content.15:42
dnearyBecause since we've more or less got a working proposal for Support that we're waiting to see laid out, I'm not quite twiddling my thumbs, but...15:42
X-Fadedneary: Well, who is going to do that design?15:43
dnearyX-Fade: Glaubert, once he's finished the icons15:43
X-FadeYou can start by adding all the graphical elements to the svn.15:43
timsamoffSpeaking of Support... Any opinions of my wireframe? http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Improving_maemo.org/Support15:45
X-FadeAnd then we need somebody to create the HTML+CSS version of those pages.15:45
dnearytimsamoff: I like it15:46
dnearyI'm interested in seeing the search box working15:46
X-FadeThat would need to be an iframe, I'm afraid..15:47
dnearyglaubertsouza_: When do you think you'll have the icons finished? This week?15:47
timsamoffX-Fade: Why?15:47
glaubertsouza_by friday15:47
X-Fadetimsamoff: Different machine..15:47
timsamoffAnd... Who cares...?15:47
timsamoff(Technically speaking that is.)15:47
timsamoffAh ok.15:47
X-Fadetimsamoff: Well, not really smooth web2.0 style ;)15:48
timsamoffShould we think about another method... Or, could it be made to work "seamlessly"?15:48
X-Fadetimsamoff: Let's call that phase 2.15:49
X-Fade1. get it working15:49
X-Fade2. improve ;)15:49
dnearyglaubertsouza_: Then top priority will be the Support page15:50
X-FadeIt might be possible to slap a xml style on the google mini search box, so we can do xml calls..15:50
dnearyglaubertsouza_: Followed by the person templates15:51
bergieIKSX-Fade: XMLHttpRequest cannot cross domains15:51
X-FadebergieIKS: Ah true, security issues..15:51
dnearyglaubertsouza_: And please, update the wiki as you get stuff done15:51
dnearyIt'll allow us to start reviewing & committing pixmaps ASAP15:52
X-FadeWell, there are tricks around that anyway.. Let's see.15:52
dnearySo - to summarise: X-Fade & bergie to have a working version of the site for standard content pages by the weekend15:55
dnearyWhat will you work on after that?15:55
dnearyThe new front page? Development?15:55
bergieIKSdneary: depends on what we have designs + CSS for15:56
dnearybergieIKS: You have designs for everything but Support, no?15:56
X-FadeI have CSS for frontp page, almost..15:56
X-FadeAlthough I need to have the news 'bubbles' scalable..15:57
dnearyAnd I see that there are requests for designs of Profile, Planet and Downloads, but I hope that at least for downloads & planet that we can keep the existing ones for a first roll-out15:57
bergieIKSX-Fade: I'll reuse those bubbles, so make them scale vertically too :-)15:57
dnearyAnd for the profile, once you have the person template, that should be a big part of it15:57
X-FadeAnd a template to overlay on HOT and Fresh.15:57
dnearyA template, or just a pixmap?16:00
X-Fadedneary: Transparant png is probably easiest..16:00
dnearyI'll add them to Graphics16:01
-!- crashanddie [n=c336e713@] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]16:01
timsamoffX-Fade: Aren't the Hot/Fresh boxes dynamically-loaded content?16:01
dnearytimsamoff: He means the orange badges that were in previous versions16:02
X-Fadetimsamoff: Yes, but we need to overlay the design over the plain screenshots, right?16:02
timsamoffThe rounded box could just be a background image on the div -- with the dynamic content on top.16:02
glaubertsouza_I would get all the graphic elements already built, and concentrate them in one "design sheet", for diverse uses..16:02
dnearyOh - one last thing: glaubertsouza_ - in the designs, would you mind replaciong "Documentation" with "Talk"?16:02
timsamoff(I.e., no overlays.)16:03
dnearyglaubertsouza_: Not a high priority item, but I don't want it forgotten when we're doing the final version16:03
X-Fadetimsamoff: How would you create http://openbossa.andrecunha.com/maemo/images/download_1.jpg for example?16:03
timsamoffX-Fade: It depends... Are all of the app screen grabs going to be made manually?16:04
X-Fadetimsamoff: I want no manual work for each screenshot :)16:04
X-Fadetimsamoff: What you see in downloads now is what we have.16:05
timsamoffI figured... So, you'll really only need "rounded" overlays for the bottom of the box, no? So that the bottom is rounded... The top is just a straight square.16:05
X-FadeSo most of the time raw 800x600 screenshots, nothing more.16:05
timsamoffAnyway... Let me think about it.16:06
X-Fadetimsamoff: Sure, but you need to hide a part of the screenshot as the aspect ratio isn't the same.16:06
X-FadeSo there needs to be some more magic.16:06
X-Fade* 800x480 screenshots of course ;)16:07
timsamoffNot to keep touting jquery, but: http://www.malsup.com/jquery/corner/image.html16:08
timsamoffJust another idea.16:08
bergieIKStimsamoff: using jquery should work pretty well, as that is the JS framework we ship anyway16:09
bergieIKSthe problem is, any client-side processing is potentially heavy16:09
timsamoffEh. Not anymore. (IMHO)16:09
X-FadeSomehow I think that putting a plain screenshot under a transparant png is a lot friendlier on your cpu ;)16:09
timsamoff(You guys are going to HATE the redesign of my blog.) :p16:10
X-FadeAs this example seems to be doing a pixel per pixel manipulation?16:10
X-FadeWithout antialiasing :)16:10
timsamoffThere's also a jQuery Canvas script that does it, but...16:10
-!- tekojo [n=tekojo@] has left #maemo-meeting []16:10
timsamoffAntialiasing can be added.16:10
X-FadeBut anyway, let's not get get in to that here..16:10
timsamoffBut, let's all think and try to come up with the best solution.16:11
X-Fadetimsamoff: Poor N810, dying from javascripts :)16:11
timsamoffX-Fade: I will do my best to kill your N810. ;)16:11
X-FadeWe need to make sure the site is as snappy as we can get it. All javascript defers rending of a page, so it hurts percieved performance. 16:12
X-FadeThat is one thing we need to think about.16:12
timsamoff(For the record... Antialiased image corners w/ jQuery: http://blue-anvil.com/jquerycurvycorners/test.html)16:13
dnearyOK! Thanks all - this has been a good meeting, I think16:13
X-FadeUse Fennec and go to slashdot for example and see it die..16:13
timsamoffX-Fade: And, yes, you're right.16:13
timsamoffThanl you, dneary!16:14
X-Fadedneary: I will contact you later about some image cutting etc..16:14
bergieIKSok, great16:15
bergieIKSsee you all later :-)16:15
dnearyGreat - and let me know what's top priority for you after the standard content stuff16:15
dnearyI'll do minutes as usual16:15
X-Fadedneary: frontpage, downloads16:15
-!- bergieIKS [n=d4b70aa8@] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]16:15
timsamoffTalk to everyone later. Time to start my day. ;)16:15
-!- timsamoff [n=46f3ff0a@] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]16:17
dnearyOK, thanks16:17
dnearyBye all16:17

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