Development Garage

The Garage is a place for working on various software projects related to the Maemo platform. There are several hundreds of projects ongoing in the Garage.

For every project in the garage you can find information on:

  • what the project is about
  • who is working on it
  • what the status of the project is
  • which bugs have been reported
  • the related mailing list
  • and of course the source code of the software itself

Anybody can join the Maemo Garage, start working on an existing project, or start opening a new project.

There are two steps in creating a Maemo Garage project. The first step is that you must have a user account within the Garage. The user registration page can be found at the top of the Garage's homepage. The second step after logging in is to create a project.

If you are ready to create your own project then enter the Maemo Garage