The Maemo community is made by contributors interested in all kinds of collaboration around Maemo software. Here you will find developers working openly on the Maemo platform and compatible applications, as well as users with different levels of experience and expertise. Maemo community is a non-profit organization sponsored by Nokia, which is an active and equal member.

By end of May 2008, the Maemo community included over 18000 registered members, more than 600 projects in the Maemo garage, and over 200 applications available for download. Anybody can join the Maemo community, contribute to the work, and provide transparent feedback. All members should be equal independent from their profit or non-profit background. Signing up to the community is as easy as registering to


The home of the community is Announcements, news, views, and ideas of the community are aggregated and rated . The Maemo community meets at least once a year in the Maemo Summit (starting in 2008) and also in open source-related events such as GUADEC, LinuxTag, and Open Source in Mobile (OSIM).

Work on the Maemo platform is not exclusively happening through projects in the Maemo garage. In fact, most of the actual source code of the Maemo platform is created in open source projects such as the Linux kernel, GStreamer, Telepathy, GNOME or Mozilla. Therefore, members of the Maemo community are also contributors in other open source projects.