MPlayer v1.0rc1-maemo.29.n8x0

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MPlayer (a popular video player for linux) package for maemo. A simple GUI is also included. Provides the best playback performance for mpeg4/divx/xvid video on Nokia 770/N8x0, can use subtitles.

Updated 2010-01-28 10:20 UTC
Author Siarhei Siamashka


Also available for:
Maemo5 OS2006 OS2007


Mike Duncan
Karma: 8

A great piece of software to have on any supported OS.

2010-09-24 20:42 UTC
Ilya Skriblovsky
Karma: 397

The best video player for linux in common and particular for maemo. Multitude of options if you dont mind using it from terminal

2010-07-17 19:04 UTC
Nikolay Bitsadze
Karma: 16

especially fine tool to watch videos on the road if you use it along with tool which is placed at this very site right here

2010-05-21 09:22 UTC
Bruno Gore
Karma: 12

Best player ever on N800 :D ... cant wait to see it showin up for MAEMO5... my N900 is starving for a real fast media player

2009-12-25 23:33 UTC
Max Maher
Karma: 219

MUST have, mplayer works perfectly on maemo, just like expected. oh man i LOVE mplayer

2009-11-07 00:45 UTC
ice box
Karma: 124

It's the only way to watch videos without converting them

2009-09-03 18:05 UTC
Jason Carter
Karma: 721

How can anyone NOT have mplayer on their tablets?

2009-08-01 13:47 UTC
Attila Csipa
Karma: 1430

Must have.

2009-04-28 19:01 UTC
Jamie Bennett
Karma: 693

Essential for all tablets.

2009-03-10 12:21 UTC
Bruce Forsberg
Karma: 400

My favorite app. Use it all the time on my N800. Thanks for the great work.

2009-02-25 01:19 UTC
Valério Valério
Karma: 1434

One of the best maemo apps, simple and powerful.

2009-02-11 23:04 UTC
Pavel Frouz
Karma: 7

Simple and easy-to-use. For me better than Canola & others.

2009-02-10 09:25 UTC
mu sung
Karma: 5

don't user in n770 os2008he ????????? please fix it? big thank

2009-02-07 10:09 UTC

The best application ever done.

It would need a more complete GUI for the tablets, but it deserves the best mark.

2009-01-10 15:41 UTC

The best video player

2009-01-08 01:13 UTC
Ivan Savchenko
Karma: 7

Very good and fast player. But can somebody tell me, why OMAP2 MPEG4 hardware acceleration capability (IVA Technology) is not realized on Maemo platform so far? Maybe it's not possible by reason of some Maemo limitations?

2009-01-06 10:21 UTC
Ryan Abel
Karma: 1518

Video playback wouldn't be reasonable on the tablets without it.

2008-11-17 14:50 UTC
Larry Butler
Karma: 53

Wonder why when I install this version over version .27 App Manager says it's already installed and refuses to update it?? N800 OS2008

2008-07-15 23:01 UTC
Philipp Zabel
Karma: 438

by far the best video player available, now if it only would support the dsp audio codecs on n810...

2008-06-11 18:20 UTC
ilia ddenotkine
Karma: 78

The name has it all: MPlayer! works perfectly, very stable, most powerful media player for IT yet.

2008-04-03 16:29 UTC
Salomão Cohen
Karma: 49

No MPlayer, half Internet Tablet. It says all.

2008-03-27 18:08 UTC
sam darabi
Karma: 56

umm i can't update my mplayer 24 to 25 or 26

i just downloaded the deb file and when wanted to install it with my application manager it said unable to update?

2008-03-21 16:33 UTC
arc kal
Karma: 12

good player, play except few media.

2008-03-12 17:52 UTC
Mike Dong
Karma: 5

It's good, but it doesn't run smoothly on N770.

2008-03-05 02:24 UTC
Nikolay Bitsadze
Karma: 16

Without this application one cannot use media features in full throttle ahead. Must have to watch video.

2008-02-01 09:47 UTC
pipe line
Karma: 701


2008-01-23 02:56 UTC
hyar tep
Karma: 73

ui is simple but great. mplayer could get better support for some formats, such as h264 or aac. standard media player supports them well, but mplayer is too slow. i prefer mplayer for watching movies, because of osd, skipping, subtitle support, ...

2008-01-21 20:35 UTC
Tuomas Kulve
Karma: 631

Simple and working GUI, does what one would expect, powerfully.

2008-01-11 21:38 UTC
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