sp-stress contains utilities that can create artificial system load. This can be useful when you want to verify that your application works also when the system is being otherwise stressed.

The utilities are:

  • cpuload for generating CPU load

  • ioload for generating I/O load

  • memload for generating memory load


source: sp-stress

binary: sp-stress

Usage Examples

To create a 30% CPU load on the system:

# cpuload 30

The I/O load is generated by performing read and write operations on a file that has been created just for this purpose. The file has to be on one of the MMC's since the device's internal flash memory is unsuitable for these operations (see the man page for more info).

The contents of the file will be *destroyed*, so do not do this on a file that you care about.
# ioload workfile

To consume 20 megabytes of memory:

# memload 20


cpuload man page

ioload man page

memload man page

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